Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Biographical Information
Name: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Members: Charles Xavier

Ororo Munroe
Hank McCoy

Species: Mutant
Status: Active
Originally From: Scotland

Danger Room
Security Systems

Gender: Male & Female
Episode Info
First appearance: Strategy X

The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is an institution built by Charles Xavier to help facilitate the growth and powers of mutants around the world. It also has multiple Security Systems in place.

The School's address is '1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville NY 10032


Mantion 3D

3D mock up

Mansion Gates

Front Gates of the mansion.


Mansion with pool


Shadowed Past - mansion

Mansion at night


Rogue & Kitty's room


Clift training ground


Clift training ground close up

Mansion - Attic

Windows in the Attic

Rogue Recruit - mansion attic

Mansions attic

Mansion- front hall

Foray of the mansion

Mansion- front door

Front doors


Hallway from the study to the front

Mansion- Study

The Study
This appears to be the main study, as well as 1/3 in the mansion

Mansion- Study 2

Another Study

Mansion- outside study

Balcony of The Study

The Studdy II

The Study

The Studdy II pt2

The Study

Grim Reminder - write in kitchen


Kitchen Entrance

Kitchen Entrance

Mansion - Hallway outside Scotts room

Boys hallways

Hallway to bathroom

Boys hallways Bathroom on the right

X-Manstion- Girls Bathroom I

Girls Bathroom

X-Manstion- Girls Bathroom II

Girls Bathroom

Scotts Room

Scott's Room

Scotts Room II

Scott's Room

Jeans Room

Jean's Room

Mindbender 6 sott

Jean's Room

Shadowed Past -sleeping

Rogue & Kittys Room

Grim Reminder - rogue getting redy

Kitty & Rogues room

Mansion- Kurts room

Kurts Room

Shadowed Past - kurt gets letter

Kurts room

Kurts room II

Kurt's Room - S2.

Kurts room I

Kurt's Room - S2.

X-Manstion- Evans Room I

Evan's Room

X-Manstion- Evans Room II

Evan's Room

X-Manstion- Ororos Room I

Ororo's Room

X-Manstion- Ororos Room II

Ororo's Room

Lances Guest Room

Lances Guest Room

Lances room

Lance's Guest Room

Shadowed Past - rogue n kurt I

View outside Kurts's room

Mansion- Outside storms room

View outside Ororo's room

X-Manstion-Tenis Court

Tennis Court


Pool, mini- Gazebo & bridge.

Mansion- outside front

Table & chairs outside the side of the mansion.

Grim Reminder - char n logan talk

Court Yard

Mansion- front Birds eye view

Birds eye view of the front

X-Manstion- Hallway I

First floor hallway

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - Study Room

Study Room

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters living room

Living Room

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters 1

Living Room


  • The X-mansion hasn't been fully repaired yet, and the X-men are staying in a bunker below the house. [1]
  • The X-Mansion has been destroyed and rebuilt at least once as the series progressed.

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