The X-Jet is what one of two aircraft the X-Men use to travel long distances from place to place in secret. These aircraft are stored inside the mansion and usually exit through a concealed hangar door in the cliffs at the edge of the Institute's grounds.

The first and largest aircraft is the SR-77 Blackbird, a large, powerful twin-engine long-range stealth jet. It is flown principally by Cyclops or Wolverine, sometimes by Nightcrawler.

The second is a smaller hybrid jet/helicopter called the X-Velocity, which is first used by the remaining X-Men and Brotherhood members to reach Asteroid M. Unlike the Blackbird, the Velocity is constructed without any metal whatsoever, making it immune to Magneto's powers. The first Velocity is shot down during the events at Asteroid M. It is later reconstructed, and is later used by the X-Men while on the run following the destruction of the Institute.


The SR-71 "Blackbird" was a top-secret, long-range reconnaissance aircraft; forerunner to the first true "stealth" aircraft and the fastest conventional airplane ever built. The X-Men have used many variants of the Blackbird over the years.

X-jet II

The Blackbird in its concealed hangar.
The The Blackbird was a projected design by Carence Johnson, former head of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Projects Group prior to his retirement

X-Velocity II

The X-Velocity jet taking off


The X-Velocity in flight

X-Velocity jet II

Velocity Jet II in flight

Velocity jet II pt2

Velocity Jet II in the hangar

The Hanger

The Hangar

Cave entrance

Cliffside cave exit for the X-Jets.

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