Hi im Doing my frist X MEN fan fiction based off X men evolution

Im just adding a new character Named Trey brooks

"how about a little static in your life"

"shouldn't the Bad guys usually be K.O   By now "

Powers: Elctricity manipulation Hand to hand combat

Race : African American

Age 15-18 Grade : Freshman

Affiliations:  X -men   Bayville high school

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Height: 5'3

Interests:  Basketball  Hanging with kurt and evan , kitty  Muisc  food Filed trips being partner with magma

Crush : magma

Dislike ;  toad and blob 

Logan Sometimes Logan yelling at him scott being bossy and uptight 

being told he can't do something Not being able to polit the x jet some of kurts jokes


evan daniels

Kurt Wagner

 Katherine Anne Pryde

Jamie Madrox aka multiple

Bobby Drake ake iceman

Scott Summers

Jean Grey

Magma ( Crush)





Trey is a very Nice and Friendly person he also sarcastic sometimes 

he is also a very good fighter

he is very Loyal and caring his close friends on the Team are

Evan daniels aka spyke kurt wagner ake nightcrawler Katherine kitty pryde

and bobby drake aka Iceman multiple scottt connonball  sunspot Magma

he also act as a brother Type figure to Multiple calling  him little dude

he has a strong dislike for Toad and blob

Frist chapter coming soon

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