Not sure if anyone has guessed this, but my favorite XME character has always been Rogue. I think she's awesome, and she is also IMO one of the most interesting characters in the show. 

Anyway, I recently wrote a short one-shot fic that is set during the final scenes of Power Surgeand basically looks at the brief conversation between Scott and Rogue at the end of that episode from her point of view. Oh, and I ship ScottxRogue, so yeah. 

But I had a couple of plot bunnies nibbling at my brain for primarily Rogue-centric fics that are begging to be written - which is troublesome, because I'm still working on a fic project, and I don't have the time to balance two of those at once. Anyway, the idea for the first one came to me while watching Ascension II, and essentially takes place a few months later. What happens is this: Rogue wakes up one day to find that her powers are apparently gone. So the story is about how Professor X and Beast are scrambling to figure out what happened and find a way to get Rogue's powers back, while she's not sure whether she even wants her powers back or not. 

The other idea occurred to me while later re-watching Self Possessed. Still post-series, but here was my thought. In both that episode and in Dark Horizon I, we saw Rogue actively using different abilities that she had absorbed. And my thought was, what if - within limits - Rogue's mutation advanced to the point where she was able to recall and reuse abilities she had previously absorbed?

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd love to discuss this further...

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