aka Rage of Freedom and Power

  • I live in the last place you want to see me enraged!
  • My occupation is I go where I'm accepted for my contributions, regardless of opinions
  • I am a lord of outcasts with the nerve to fight back in any way they can
En Sabah Nur (Egyptian Age)

"I am unstoppable on the battlefield!"

To achieve balance and peace between mutants and mankind, we must be different from everyone else! We must be different from everything else!

My favorite sites

  • Jem and the Holograms Wiki (former favorite)
  • Marvel Cinematic Wiki
  • FMA Wiki
  • Attack on Titan Wiki
  • Law & Order Wiki
  • Mythology Wiki
  • Elysium Wiki
  • Blindspot Wiki
  • Avatar Wiki
  • Dragon Ball Wiki
  • Fantastic Four Wiki
  • Gargoyles Wiki
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki
  • Kill la Kill Wiki (former favorite)
  • Akame ga Kill Wiki (former favorite)

My favorite pages

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