Biographical Information
Real Name: Torpid
Species: Morlock
Affiliations: Morlocks
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Light Blue
Character Information
Powers: Paralyzing touch
First appearance: X-Treme Measures
Portrayed by: Not voiced

Character Female  Season 3 Season 4

Torpid is a Morlock living in the sewers of Bayville.

Physical Appearance

Torpid is a child who has wavy, maybe even curly, brown hair which is down to her mid back and extremely light blue eyes. Her hands are abnormally large, but the rest of her is child-sized.

She has an almost eerie appearance to her, and doesn't speak, choosing to otherwise communicate through her facial expressions. She appears to be between four and eight years old, though still small for her age. She wears jean overalls over a pink shirt. She also wears black gloves to keep her powers at bay, much like Rogue.

Season 3

She is shown when the Morlocks are breaking into a Spear Sports factory, manufacturing the drink Pow-R8. She paralyzes the guards with her powers, so the other Morlocks can do their jobs. She is one of the five Morlocks Evan Daniels first sees when he wakes up in the sewers. She later paralyzes Berzerker, so he can't inform the X-men of Evan's whereabouts. She then paralyzes the night guards at the factory, one of which Guy Spear, the owner of the factory, finds.

This results in him bringing two guards with him to apprehend the Morlocks. The guards are armed with tasers, and shoot at the Morlocks, missing their targets. However, one of them hits a vat of Pow-R8, shooting the vat with electricity, and electrocuting Torpid, knocking her unconscious. She is picked up by Evan and brought out of the factory when the wave of Pow-R8 rushes through. She is also one of the Morlocks present when Evan chooses the Morlocks over the X-Men.

Season 4

Powers and Abilities

Torpid is a mutant with the power to paralyze anyone she touches, human or mutant. Her abnormally large hands are a byproduct of her mutation. Although she wears gloves to protect other people from her touches, it isn't necessary for her to have skin-to-skin contact with her victim. She paralyzed one of Duncan's gang members just by putting a hand on his jeans.


  • Torpid is an original character created specially for the series, like X-23.
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