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Sydney White
Biographical Information
Real Name: Sydney White
Age: 15-16
Species: Human
Originally From: Deerfield, Illinois, USA
Affiliations: Bayville High School
Deerfield High School
Interests: Jason Nasier
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'4
Character Information
First Appearance: X Impulse
Voiced by: Janyse Jaud

"Let's, uh, give her some time off."
Sydney to Riley about Kitty Pryde

Physical appearance

Sydney has blonde hair, cut into a blunt bob, and green eyes. Her hair is parted away from her face by two silver barrettes, one on each side. She is frequently seen to be wearing a peach colored sweater showing midriff and a pair of blue jeans.

Season One

  • X Impulse

At school, Riley Finn and Sydney White shove Kitty Pryde into her locker and lock her in.

During P.E. Kitty trips trying the long jump and loses her temper again. Riley and Sydney laugh at her. When Riley takes her turn, there is a tremor and it buries her under sand while trying to show Kitty up.

Season Two

  • Power Surge
PowerSuge-Sydney falls.png

Sydney is show very briefly during track tryouts. She is on the opposite end of where Kitty is lining up to race. Her and the rest of the students are knocked down by a mini-earthquake and just avoid being speared by a javelin Jean lifted up uncontrollably with her telekinesis.

  • Shadow Dance
Dance Sydney 1.png

Sydney has math class with Kurt WagnerAmanda Sefton, and Jason Nasier. Riley Finn is shown walking out in-front of Sydney and Paul Haits .