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Scott's visor allows his to see without using his powers.

Scott Summers' visor is for when he is under the codename Cyclops and is made from the same ruby-quartz crystal that his glasses lenses are made of, allowing him to see without the use of his powers until he chooses to use them. As he can't control his powers, he must always have a visor or glasses made with ruby quartz to keep them in check and give him a semblance of sight in a red-tinted perception.

Like Rogue, Scott cannot control his powers, unlike his brother, Alex Summers. This is due to a Plane crash he was in when he was little and hit his head.


  • He also has a pair of red glasses he wears when not in uniform.
  • The visor Cyclops uses to control his laser eye discharge. It contains powdered ruby-quartz crystal.