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Scott's glasses are what keep his powers in check until he chooses to use them.

Scott Summers wears special glasses to keep his powers in check.


Scott Summers' glasses are designed from a special, ruby quartz material so that he may see with his eyes without having to use his powers of optical energy blasts. It's unknown where, when and how he got these glasses or who made them for him, but it can be suspected that they were obtained sometime after his powers manifested after he and his brother were separated. Since the day he obtained them, Scott has used them to enable him to see the world around him but has had to deal with the risks of someone, either accidentally or intentionally, taking them and his status as a mutant being exposed or accidentally hurting someone. As he can't control his power, it is unlikely that he will ever not need them in The Future.


  • Scott appears to have spare glasses of the same, ruby quartz material.
  • Scott's X-Men visor is made with the same material as his glasses, allowing him to use his powers against enemies like The Brotherhood or Juggernaut.