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Biographical Information
Real Name: Victor Creed
Alias: Sabretooth
Age: 180+
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Alberta, Canada
Relatives: Victoria Creed (Mother)
Zebadiah Creed (Father)
Affiliations: The Acolytes
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Amber
Height: 6'6
Character Information
Powers: Enhanced Senses
Healing Factor
Razor-Sharp Claws
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voiced by: Michael Donovan

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"One shall fall by the other's hand. Our destiny we cannot change it."
Sabretooth to Wolverine

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A sadistic and bitter man, Sabretooth realizes the fact that he knows more about Logan's past than even Logan himself does. Despite his animalistic nature and unpredictable rage, Victor Creed is a very crafty opponent, easily Wolverine's equal.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Sabretooth has the powers of cellular regeneration & superhuman physical abilities. All of Sabretooth's natural mutant abilities stem from, at least partially, his healing factor. Sabretooth is a mutant possessing various, superhuman attributes that are the result of genetic mutation and artificial enhancement.

  • Cellular Regeneration: Sabretooth's primary mutant power is a high rate of cellular regeneration. Sabretooth can fully heal from catastrophic injuries that result in massive tissue and blood loss within a few moments. This healing prowess allows him to go toe-to-toe with Wolverine.
    • Ailments Immunity: This mutant healing factor also renders Sabretooth immune to disease and illness. Sabretooth's healing powers also render him immune to most drugs and toxins, except when given in massive doses.
    • Superhuman Longevity: His cells' constant regeneration completely halted ageing process. Despite being alive long before World War I, Sabretooth possesses the appearance and vitality of a man in the physical prime of his life.
  • Enhanced Condition: His mutation greatly enhances his physical attributes, granting him enhanced strength, reflexes, endurance, and senses. Sabretooth can survive in harsh terrain, like subzero temperatures, without survival gear.
    • Superhuman Senses: He can track someone entirely by scent over vast distances and see in total darkness.
    • Fangs and Claws: His enhanced physiology also has superhumanly dense claws that he can use to tear through solid stone and elongated, canine teeth or "fangs".




In Other Media

  • This is Sabretooth's second appearance in an X-Men related cartoon, the first being in X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • Sabretooth appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • Sabretooth has appeared in the films X-Men and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Sabretooth has appeared in multiple video games, some of which include: Wolverine, X-Men: The Official Game, and Marvel Puzzle Quest.


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