Rogue & Remy
Biographical Information
Real Names: Rogue Darkholme
Remy Lebeau
Ages: 16-19
Species: Mutants
Status: Undetermined



The Brotherhood
Magneto's Brotherhood

Length of Relationship:


Physical Description
Gender: Male & Female
Hair color: Auburn
Height: 5'7 & 6'3
Other Information
First appearance: Day of Reckoning

Couples Season 3 Season 4
"Wait! Cherie..."
Remy to Rogue as he leaves the Queen of Hearts in her hand

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Both are headstrong, loyal, and a bit stubborn, but in very different ways. Where Rogue is mistrusting of most people because of her past, Remy is mistrusting because of his criminal upbringing. Rogue refuses to give Remy a 2nd chance, were as Remy refuses to give up trying.

Physical appearance

Both tall, attractive looking youths with auburn hair.

Early Life

They were both orphans and illegally adopted at an early age by criminals, and then used for their powers.


Interestingly enough, Remy's powers are about creating energy, while Rogue's is about taking energy.

Season 3

Rogue and Gambit see each other for the first time in Day of Reckoning. However, things start off in a very horrible way, as they are enemies. They know nothing about each other but are ordered to take the other out. Rogue sneaks up on him, only to have him present her with a card. She seems take back by him and finds herself accepting it. He then scouts off, and she is left still holding the playing card. Realizing it is charged with energy, she throws it away from her as fast as she can, and ducks for cover. Gambit wins round one.

Rogue runs off to stop the thugs. Gambit gets to them first though and tells them not to mess with the mutants. They balk, but after a demonstration of his power they agree and take off.

Rogue gets there just as they're leaving and demands to know what Gambit is doing. Gambit basically blows her off and leaves...

Season 4

During Rogue's last year at Bayville High School Remy begins to take note of her. He realized he is quite attracted to her. However his manipulative side takes over, and he finds himself incorporating her into a plan he has to get back his father. He sneaks off to her school and kidnaps her before homeroom. While she is still drugged, her binds her feet and sneaks her onto a cargo train that is headed for New Orleans.

Things go horribly for both of them, and after it is all over Rogue leaves with the Scott and Kurt. But before she goes, Remy gives her a card, the Queen of Hearts.




When Charles receives a glimpse into the future, he saw Rogue about 5 years in. She was not wearing any gloves and appeared to be wearing Remy's trench coat.


Gambit I've been watching you for weeks Rogue; you're such an unhappy girl.[2]

(After Rogue dangles Gambit halfway out of the train with an iron bar.)
Rogue: I don't like getting pushed in any direction. Got it!?
Gambit: Point taken. Now here's mine: Pull me in, or I blow this boxcar off the tracks.
(Rogue finally takes back the bar and pulls Gambit in.)
Rogue: You're just crazy enough to do it.
Gambit: We do what we have to, right cherie? [2]

Gambit: Rogue...
Rogue: Don't. You just did the wrong thing for the right reasons.
Gambit: So, what now?
Rogue: I'm going back with the X-Men. I don't care what you do. [2]


  • Though Rogue & Remy have a whole clip together, Gambit has no lines in Day of Reckoning II. [4]
  • Gambit gives Rogue the king of Hearts playing card. [4]
  • Rogue & Remy go to New Orleans, during Mardi Gra. [2]
  • Gambit calls Rogue cherie four times in Cajun Spice. [2]
  • The coat that Rogue was wearing in the future resembled the coat that Gambit wears. Rogue herself has worn a similar coat previously in Turn of the Rogue. [3]

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