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Risty Wilde
Biographical Information
Real Name: Mystique
Alias: Risty Wilde
Age: 17
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Manchester, England
Interests: Rogue ("Best friend")
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black with purple streaks
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Character Information
Powers: Shapeshifting
First Appearance: Growing Pains
Voiced by: Nicole Oliver

Character Female  Bayville High School Season 2 

Physical appearance[]

Upon taking up an alias to remain closer to her adoptive daughter, Raven took on another form, that of a teenage girl named Risty who was a goth-punk from Manchester, England who had black and purple hair. In her main outfit, she wore a dark beige long sleeve shirt, maroon pants and ankle-length boots.

Early life[]

At some point, Raven took on another identity to remain closer to Rogue where she took on the alias of a young teenage girl named Risty Wilde who claimed she was from Manchester, England and that she was a transfer student. Without hinting at who she really was, Raven was able to use her new identity to become best friends with Rogue and the two began spending time together. During the time that mutants were exposed, Risty had been supposedly sent back to England (In actuality, Raven had been trapped in Area 51) but was able to return to Bayville High using the excuse that it was safe by the time she got back. During a concert, she and Rogue attended it together but due to Rogue's powers becoming unstable, Risty's true identity was soon revealed.

Season 2[]

Growing Pains[]

Growing Pains - 24 rogue risty

Rogue meets Risty.

At school everyone is gathered in the gym for an assembly. Rogue walks past the Brotherhood of Mutants, but is stopped by a new girl sitting on the bottom bleacher. She asks Rogue how long the assemblies usually last. Rogue says that they are way too long but it gets them out of class as she sits down next to the new girl who introduces herself as Risty Wilde from England. Rogue offers to show her around after the assembly. Principal Kelly gives a speech about everyone using their special gifts and talents to make it a great school year. He also says he wants everyone to show up to the pre-game rally for the girl's soccer team championship.

Power Surge[]

Power Surge - 3 rogue risty

At a school assembly, Jean Grey wins the MVP Soccer Award. Everyone is cheering madly except Rogue, whom Risty lightly scolds for her lack of enthusiasm.

At Duncan Matthews's party, Rogue and Risty are sitting together. Risty asks Rogue why she's so moody and Rogue says that where she's from people like her don't party with people like them. Scott arrives and walks right past Rogue without even noticing her. Rogue gets up to leave and Risty says that she thinks Rogue has a thing for Scott. Rogue denies this and tosses her water bottle at Risty, leaving. Risty says that she will come with her and hopes that they don't miss anything. 

Power Surge - 41 risty

At the Institue, Rogue and Risty walk in. Kurt is barely able to get his Image Inducer activated in time. Rogue makes a comment about everyone staring at them rudely and Kitty phases in behind them. Risty is surprised and asks where she came from. Logan shows up and pops his claws to grab an apple then quickly leaves. Xavier raises an eyebrow at Rogue. Outside, Risty tells Rogue not to worry about it, saying that she'll see Rogue at school and leaves.

Fun and Games[]

Fun & Games

At Bayville High, during their computer class, Risty and Webber are playing games on another computer when the teacher stops them. She says enough computers have been crashed for the day. After class, Risty asks Kitty if she knows of any parties coming up. Kitty says no luck and Risty mentions wishing that she knew somebody whose parents were away.

Meanwhile, Xavier helps to fix Juggernaut's containment. Then he tells them that the failure was no accident that the system had been sabotaged. 

FunGames -29 arcade n risty

At the Institute, the X-kids are hosting a party and it's in full swing. Webber and Risty wander off and eventually find the elevator to the sub-floors. Webber hacks the security and manages to get into Cerebro. Webber hacks into Cerebro's files and finds info on the New Mutants. Risty asks if he can download the files for her, for her computer class. He quickly gives her a disc and tells her to get lost. Happily, she takes the disc and quickly leaves. Eventually, Webber manages to set off the Institute security, "Defcon 4".

FunGames -47 risty

Risty is seen wandering around inside the Institute lost. She's cornered by one of the defense systems as it fires at her, slamming her into a wall while knocking her unconscious. When she falls to the ground, Risty morphs into Mystique. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean make their way into the building by coming in through the Blackbird launch bay. Mystique regains consciousness and manages to hide just as they run past. Neither of them noticing her.

Later when the party's over, Scott tries to apologize to Xavier and take the blame for everything but Xavier tells him that there is plenty of blame to go around. Including an unknown guest. He tells them that someone orchestrated the whole night. Now it's up to them to find out who it was and what they were after.

Mystique is perched on top of the gate looking towards the Institute. She jumps down and morphs back into Risty. She looks at the disc Webber burnt for her and smiles. Her eyes glow yellow as she walks away.

The Beast of Bayville[]

TheMonster -6 risty n kelly

After Mr. McCoy's freak out in the bathroom with him ripping a sink off of the wall, Kelly closes off the room as he tapes "Caution" signs. Risty asks him if he knows who did it. Kelly says that he doesn't know who did it but he what he does know is that they were very angry.

African Storm[]

African Storm - 24 rogue n risty

Late at night, Risty drops Rogue off at the Institute, a mist is enshrouding the whole area and after Risty leaves Rogue hears more of the strange whispering outside.

At school, Risty and Rogue gossip about Storm and her "episode" in the bathroom. Risty says something about Storm's claustrophobia and Rogue asks her how she knew about it. Risty says she must have heard it from one of the other Institute kids and then leaves in a quite hurry. Rogue looks after her a little suspicious.

Walk on the Wild Side[]

Walk on the Wild Side- Risty

A strange rock video like montage follows with the girls (Amara, Jean and Tabitha) shopping, then dancing, then doing some vigilante crime fighting, more dancing, Kitty and Rogue join the group, the girls all change into new costumes, then even more dancing, some more crime-fighting, and finally Risty watching them covertly and looking none to happy about the whole thing.

Shadow Dance[]


Talking with Rogue


At the dance with Rogue

At lunch during school, Kurt talks to Scott and Evan about his date. Jean is walking towards their table to talk to Scott, but Taryn Fujioka pops out of nowhere and asks Scott to the dance. Jean looks majorly embarrassed and rushes off. Scott looks pretty disappointed, but tells Taryn yes. At another table, Risty and Rogue are watching the exchange as Risty tells Rogue that she's lost her shot at Scott. Rogue tells her that she wasn't going anyway. Risty recommends Rogue to go with her, but Rogue says she doesn't want to look like a loser. Risty says that she'd still like to go to the dance, Rogue reluctantly agrees as the rift down in Forge's lab grows and a creature almost escapes.

At the school dance, a slow dance comes up. Jean is standing alone on the sidelines giving Duncan evil looks as he goofs off with his friends by the refreshment tables. She watches wistfully as Scott and Taryn dance. Risty shows up and tells Jean that she would rather be dancing with Scott, and Jean points out that at least Scott would dance with her. Risty sees Rogue show up and she leaves Jean alone again. 

In the auditorium, a rift begins to open and two demons pop out. Risty looks scared as Rogue grabs her and they start running. Later, Rogue and Risty run into another demon that has some students cornered. Rogue tries to help them by baiting the demon. As it comes towards her she takes off a glove, but Risty blasts it with a fire extinguisher and they both take off running. As it's closing in on Rogue, the others arrive and Forge blasts it with the ray gun that trapped Nightcrawler during "Middleverse". The other X-Men head off to search for any other demons. Risty asks Rogue about the guy with the ray gun (Forge) and Rogue tells her it's a long story.

Season 3[]

Self Possessed[]

At school, Rogue has more of the memory flashes/attacks Kitty and accidentally phases through into the girl's bathroom. Risty is inside and she's really excited to see Rogue. Rogue asks Risty where she's been all this time and she tells Rogue that her parents wouldn't let her come back from England right away because of the whole mutant "fuss". Risty quickly changes the mutant subject when she sees Rogue's sad expression. As they walk and talk, Rogue has another attack (Storm) and electrocutes a water fountain. She gets really upset and rushes off. Risty finds her outside and asks her if those were her mutant powers.

Rogue explains to Risty about her powers and how they work. She tells her that everyone she's absorbed is still inside of her head, and it's getting pretty crowded. Risty talks Rogue into going to the concert with her to laugh at the concert geeks as a way to cheer her up. Rogue tells Risty that she really missed having her around.

At the concert that night, Rogue and Risty show up and Risty catches Rogue looking at Scott wistfully. Risty asks her if she still has a thing for him. Rogue denies it and tells her that Scott and Jean are a couple now. Risty says that they deserve each other and that Rogue could do better anyway. They move closer to the stage, but Rogue starts to get worried and says that it's too crowded for her.

People start pushing and shoving and a girl falls into Rogue, tearing her sleeve off. As she bumps into more people, Rogue's power kicks in and people begin dropping around her. She's then shoved into Risty and as the two touch, Risty morphs back into Mystique and screams. Mystique drops to the ground and Rogue morphs into Risty as she stumbles away.

Eventually, Mystique tracks Rogue in a alleyway and tries to help her. She tells Rogue that she only became Risty so that she could be close to her. They get into a fight and Rogue morphs into Mystique.

As Rogue/Mystique tries to fight Mystique, Mystique backs away saying that Rogue knows the real truth. Mystique adopted Rogue when she was only four and Rogue is her daughter. Rogue gets really stressed out, morphs into herself and runs away. 

As the X-Men search for Rogue, she attacks Cyclops and Wolverine. Then Rogue morphs back into herself again and cries out for help. Wolverine and Cyclops tell her that they will help her, they're her friends. Rogue has more memory flashes, this time of Risty, and she gets really angry and tells them that she has no friends.  

Rogue attacks the X-Men until Wolverine and Xavier help calm her down so that Xavier can help her wipe out all the other personalities. When Rogue loses consciousness, Wolverine asks Xavier if she's going to be okay. Xavier says that he's not sure. Mystique watches them from a rooftop and is pretty upset as they all leave.

Back at the Institute, Rogue is in the infirmary. Driving out the other personalities has left her weak and "very fragile". Xavier says that she still has to deal with the whole Risty/Mystique betrayal. Logan talks to Rogue about how much the betrayal hurts and tells her that she needs to let her real friends be there for her.


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  • A very subtle hint about the possibility that Risty wasn't who she claimed to be was in her accent. She claims to be from "Manchester", but she doesn't have a Mancunian accent.
  • In Shadow Dance when Rogue and Risty are rescued from the inter-dimensional creature by the X-Men, Risty shows an attraction to Forge. [1]
  • Rogue didn't see Risty after it was made public she was a mutant for almost 6 months. [2] [3]
  • Mystique wasn't able to pose as Risty because she was trapped in Area 51 after Cyclops left her there. [4]
  • After escaping Area 51, Mystique lured Scott to Mexico in revenge, instead of reaching out to Rogue.
  • Mystique posed as Risty Wilde for over a year to stay close to Rogue. [3]
  • Self Possessed marks the last appearance of Risty Wilde. [3]
  • It is unknown if Risty actually exists and lives in England or is just an entire new persona made up by Raven

In the comics[]

  • Risty shows an attraction to Forge. In the comics, Forge and Mystique briefly had an affair.