Biographical Information
Real Name: Rama-Tut
Alias: Pharaoh of Egypt
Species: Human
Originally From: Ancient Egypt (assumed)
Affiliations: Eye of Ages
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Character Information
Powers: None
First appearance: Dark Horizon II

Character Male Human Season 3

Rama-Tut was a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt and the original owner of the Eye of Ages. He ordered the death of En Sabah Nur that eventually led to his five-thousand-year sleep, but not before becoming Apocalypse.

According to what was translated by Beast in Dark Horizon II, it is highly suspected that Rama-Tut was a man from the future and had traveled to the past, bringing with him advanced technology. When Apocalypse came after him, he fled, but he left his technology behind, which Apocalypse took as his own for his own purposes.

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