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Mutants (or Homo Superior) are people with genetic features that endow them with abilities considered by ordinary people to be unnatural or abnormal.

The range and type of abilities of each mutant varies, depending on their mutation. While some can appear as normal in appearance to regular people, others can appear different, either mildly or extremely. Some mutants possess enhanced strength or speed, some possess the ability to fly or see probable outcomes in the future, or even possess psychic abilities that vary from user to user.

Due to these abilities, some mutants feel a sense of superiority over people, while others feel that these abilities are a curse and would rather the world not know about them. But a handful of mutants feel that it's possible for a coexistence between humans and mutants rather than one side try to destroy the other.

Some of these mutants that believe in coexistence are the X-Men while those that desire mutant supremacy are Magneto and his followers.

In addition to the existence of mutants, there are ordinary people that are divided between wanting to either be peaceful with them and either exploiting, capturing or destroying them.

While the majority of mutants didn't become public knowledge until the present day world, one such mutant was discovered over three-thousand years ago in ancient Egypt.

The following is a list of all the Mutants that appeared on X-Men: Evolution