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    • Here’s the mention from it. “We played the relationship card with Scott and Rogue, she makes a play for him, and why not? If anyone has an idea of what she�s going through, it would be Scott. He lives in fear of losing control of his powers and killing someone; so does she. He had a lousy childhood; so does she. He always feels isolated because of his powers and of his responsibility; so does she. And he�s the one who reached out to her and brought her into an environment of warmth, family and friends. Why wouldn�t she make a play for him? She reads Jean's actions toward Scott as mean. Jean is a player, the cheerleader who has everything, and can�t make up her mind at what she wants. Scott is an item to her, just like Duncan, and who knows whom else. Rogue thinks Jean is a dumb ass and cannot recognize a good thing when she sees it, so yeah, she�s going to make a play on the guy. (Oh, as a minor side note; on the final episode, during the peek into the future, check out who is not included in the group shot and check out whom Rogue lands next to.) “

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    • ... the group shot has Rogue next to Gambit with his arm around her.

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    • They weren’t talking about that. He meant the future where she lands next to Scott(I actually don’t even think Gambit is around then).

      Edit seeing as you have the wrong shot here this is the future


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