Character Male Human Military Season 3
Major Kyle
Major Kyle
Biographical Information
Real Name: Major Kyle
Age: 35
Species: Human
Affiliations: USA Army
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'1
Character Information
First appearance: The Stuff of Villains
Portrayed by: David Kaye

"Not everyone believes mutants are bad"
Major Kyle to Rogue


Major Kyle appears to be a kind, open-hearted man who understands responsibility and honor. He is a team leader and has worked his way up to become a major in the Army. Kyle, unlike many regular humans, has no problem with mutants.

Season 3

Major Kyle is called in to escorting a dangerous and unknown mutant, and is in the process of transferring him when attacked. He takes cover, and ensure his unit is safe. He opens fire on the threat and is saved by a young woman. He questions her on her alliance, and she quickly informs him she is not on their attacker's side. After witnessing her own mutant powers in play along with another young female, Kyle became aware of their honorable affiliations. Once the fight is over, the fugitive escapes and the Army is left stranded.

Major Kyle thanks the two young women for their help and states that not everyone agrees with the media, and his men seem to concur. The young women leave to go back home while Kyle and him men wait for assistance.

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