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Biographical Information
Real Name: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Alias: Magneto

Master of Magnetism Magnus (only by Charles)

Age: 70+
Species: Mutant
Religion: Jewish
Originally From: Auschwitz, Poland
Relatives: Jakob (Father)
Edie (Mother)
Pietro Maximoff (Son)

Wanda Maximoff (Daughter)

Affiliations: The Brotherhood

The Acolytes
Horsemen of Apocalypse
Asteroid M
Charles Xavier (Friend)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'2
Character Information
Powers: Magnetism
First Appearance: Strategy X (Voice)
Voiced by: Christopher Judge

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"Your X-Men face a trial by fire. As do my own recruits. Mutant pitted against mutant. One shall lose. One shall win. Only those who emerge victorious shall take their place here on Asteroid M."

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Cold and distant, as both a leader and a father, the master of magnetism has only one plan in life: mutants standing above humans, no longer suffering mankind's persecution, and nothing else. The fact he a child during World War II didn't help him in seeing humanity's good side.

Another part of him is his desire to be the only one who will lead the mutants to a better world. When Apocalypse's plan of turning all of the human population into mutants came to be, Magneto refused to help him, saying that no one would rule with him around.

Physical appearance

Magneto has white hair and blue eyes. He is very old, as being a child during WWII, and has used different means to stay youthful throughout his life. He has lines around his face to make point of his age, and it is possible that he is older than Xavier is. In one episode, he de-ages himself using the same technology that created Captain America as his genetic enhancements are no longer working.

Magneto wears a red and blue helmet that keeps telepaths from entering his mind and controlling him. He also wears a purple cape and red chest armor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magnetism Manipulation: Magneto is a powerful mutant who can generate and control magnetic fields and various magnetic forces. His powers allow him to manipulate ferrous metals to levitate and move them in a manner similar to telekinesis. He can also manipulate metal at the molecular level, altering their viscosity to make them behave as liquids and solids without them getting hot. Through the use of magnetic levitation, he can levitate and achieve limited flight, though not as fast as mutants with dedicated abilities to fly. To achieve faster (supersonic) transit he creates metal spheres to transport himself and his comrades by magnetically propelling them. It is confirmed by Nick Fury and Wolverine that Magneto can also generate powerful, electromagnetic pulses capable of shutting down electrical systems around him.[1] His powers allow him to even control the nigh-indestructible metal Adamantium (Wolverine has fallen victim to this many times). Magneto's control of magnetic fields is truly massive. He has manipulated metallic structures from a great distance, as seen in Day Of Reckoning and Day of Reckoning II, when he manipulated the terrain of a construction site from easily a mile away on the roof of a city skyscraper. He was also able to levitate multiple military tanks and jeeps and pull orbiting satellites down from space, smashing them into the dome surrounding one of Apocalypse's pyramids.
  • Longevity: Magneto's genetic enhancements have kept him alive until modern times.[1] By utilizing the rebirthing chamber he was able to rejuvenate himself, allowing him to recapture his youth and vitality to an unknown degree.
  • High Intellect: Magneto is also exceptionally intelligent, he seems to have either education or advanced understanding scientific knowledge in the field of genetics. He was conducting scientific research on an infant Kurt Wagner. Magneto has also constructed Asteroid M, the chamber used to advance mutants, and the metal spheres he uses to travel.





  • One story that Producer/Writer/Director Boyd Kirkland always wanted to tell but couldn't interest the network in, was how Professor X lost the use of his legs, and how he came to know Magneto - to kind of give the back-story of these two characters.
  • When asked what exactly Magneto had done to baby Kurt in Shadowed Past, head writer and producer Greg Johnson said "The way we see it, Magneto experimented on him in an attempt to trigger the X-Gene, and succeeded." [19]
  • The Gem of Cyttorak Magneto uses in his enhancing chamber were the same ones that turned Cain Marko into the Juggernaut in the comics. [20]
  • When asked about what specific event led Magneto to institutionalizing Wanda Maximoff, Greg Johnson stated that "There was no specific event, it was just years of him trying to handle a hostile, out of control child whose powers were promising to be very destructive if he didn't get her put away."[18]

In Other Media

  • This is Magneto's third appearance in an X-Men related cartoon, his previous appearances being in: Pryde of the X-Men and X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • Magneto appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men
  • Magneto has appeared in multiple X-Men films, some of which include: X-Men, X-Men: First Class, and Dark Phoenix
  • Magneto has appeared in multiple video games, some of which include: Marvel's X-Men, X2: Wolverine's Revenge, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order


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