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| height= 5'9 & 5'4
| height= 5'9 & 5'4
| first appearance= [[Shadow Dance]]}}
| first appearance= [[Shadow Dance]]}}
<span style="color:#8B008B">{{Quote|You know. Blue ''is'' my favourite colour.|'''Amanda Sefton'''}}</span>
==Must See Episodes==
==Must See Episodes==

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Kurt & Amanda
Shadow Dance - Kurt and Amanda dancing
Biographical Information
Real Names: Amanda Sefton
Kurt Wagner
Ages: 15-18
Species: Mutant & Human
Status: Together

Bayville High School

Length of Relationship:

2 ½ years +

Physical Description
Gender: Male & Female
Height: 5'9 & 5'4
Other Information
First appearance: Shadow Dance

"You know. Blue is my favourite colour."
Amanda Sefton

Must See Episodes


Early Life

Kurt and Amanda never met before, until they attended Bayville High School while both in the 10th grade. They didn't even meet until Kurt was in the 11th grade. Amanda was the one who made the first move, she saw Kurt in his blue form and was attracted to him anyways.

Season 2

  • Shadow Dance

Kurt & Amanda go to the school dance together as a couple. Kurt shows off his powers to Amanda once she confesses she already knows.

Season 3

  • The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Amanda invites Kurt over for dinner with her and her parents . He arrives for dinner early after fretting about it previously, and after Amanda joyously points it out, he sadly tells her "okay, I'll leave." She laughs and pulls him inside the house to meet her parents. Amanda's father greets him first and Kurt is extremely nervous, handing him the flowers that are meant for his wife and stuttering a lot.

When Amanda's mom and dad go into the kitchen, Kurt and Amanda talk about whether her parents like him or not. His image inducer begins to act up, just as Amanda's father is coming out into the living room. He teleports into the kitchen and startles Amanda's mother, though his image inducer has begun to work again. When she walks out of the kitchen, it turns off again. Amanda's father walks into the kitchen and Kurt 'ports into the living room next to Amanda again.

It turns out that he 'ported right in front of Amanda's mom, who had been distracted enough not to notice, She drops the vase of flowers in surprise, but Kurt catches them before they hit the floor. Kurt is later helping Amanda and her mother wash dishes when Toad breaks in to steal the image inducer. He takes it off of Kurt's wrist, exposing the real Kurt for a moment, but Amanda's mother was thankfully not looking.

When Mr. Sefton walks in, Toad blinds him with a mouthful of slime. This effectively distracts both of the parents and a fight ensues over the image inducer. Toad breaks their chandelier over their piano, and knocks into a table to knock the vase with the fresh flowers over. Kurt saves these in time, tossing the vase to Amanda, but breaks much of their furniture and a living room window. Still, Toad manages to get away with the image inducer, exposing him to her parents, which Amanda attempts to draw attention away from. They end up banning her from seeing Kurt again, but they are still together.

Season 4


They presumably met in math class.


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