Character Female Human Season 2
Biographical Information
Real Name: Jamie
Age: 15
Species: Human
Originally From: New York City
Relatives: Mother
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'6
Character Information
First appearance: On Angel's Wings
Portrayed by: Chiara Zanni


Physical appearance

Jamie is a red head, with green eyes, but lacks the stereotypical freckles most red heads have.

Season 2

  • On Angel's Wings

A couple days before Christmas Jamie and her mom's apartment building caught on fire. Jamie got out, but her mother who is in a wheelchair passed out from the smoke. Firefighter had tried several different attempts to get her out, but to no avail.

Jamie was hurt to have to lose her mother, but heard her call for her from a park bench. She told her an Angel had saved her.

Later Jamie and her mom were on a couple talk shows, and in The Daily Bugle, talking about her Guardian Angel that had save her mom's life. Her mom even stated she had found him "quite handsome". A day later they even had some high school kids asking about the Angel. Later that day, Jamie heard about a little girl who had also been saved, presumably, by the same Angel.

Both Jamie, and Hailee were saved by a Guardian Angel

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