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Image Inducer
Image Inducer.png
Biographical Information
Name: Image Inducer
Students: Kurt Wagner


First appearance: Strategy X

The Image Inducer is a technological object used by super-humans with unusual appearances to disguise themselves as normal human beings.


The Image inducer was created by Professor Charles Xavier for Kurt Wagner. Wagner was born with blue fur and a tail, and was always ostracized from society. Xavier wanted him to live a normal life among other teenagers. The inducer's main drawback is that it only generates a look, but cannot hide the feel of the person's skin; nor can it hide anything, not within the range of a normal human being. This becomes a problem for Nightcrawler; if anyone actually touches him, they can feel his fur, or if he lets his tail move it appears outside the holographic image. [1]

Toad once stole the device in order to impress Wanda Maximoff with a better appearance. [2] Xavier offered to provide an inducer for Hank McCoy after he became Beast, but McCoy declined. [3]

In the Comics

In the past, mutants seen using the image inducer are: