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Biographical Information
Real Name: Hailee
Age: 6
Species: Human
Originally From: New York City
Relatives: Mother & Father
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 4'6
Character Information
First Appearance: On Angel's Wings
Voiced by: Chiara Zanni

Physical appearance

Season 2

  • On Angel's Wings

While driving with her family across the Brooklyn Bridge, there was a possible earthquake, and her and her family almost fell off the bridge. They were surprisingly saved by an Angel. But after, Hailee accidentally fell into the water. After being saved once more by her Angel, she still came down with a seriouse case of hypothermia from her 20 seconds in the freezing and icy water. While in the hospital, Hailee saw her Angel once more. She woke up in time for Christmas.

Both Jamie and Hailee were saved by a Guardian Angel.