Guy Spear
Guy Spear
Biographical Information
Real Name: Guy Spear
Species: Human
Interests: Pow-R8
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: X-Treme Measures
Portrayed by: Ted Cole

Character Male Human Season 3
"No. I can't risk the bad press a week before Pow-R8
hits the market.

Guy Spear was the owner of Spear Sports, which manufactured the Pow-R8 sports drink.

Physical Appearance

Guy seems like a man of average height and has the build of someone who participates in moderate exercise. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually dressed in a blue suit with the jacket left open to expose the white dress shirt underneath with no tie, black shoes, and a black belt.

Season 3

  • X-Treme Measures

Spear is first seen when he rushes into the building asking his assistant how bad the damage is this time, implying that the attack the audience saw at the beginning of the episode wasn't the first. The assistant replies that they are shut down for the day. When Spear sees the damage, he is outraged. He asks his assistant if the guard who was paralyzed has said anything, and when the answer is a negative, the assistant asks if Spear wants him to call security. Spear claimed that they can't afford the bad press a week before Pow-R8 comes out.

Spear is the host of a skating competition in honor of the Pow-R8 drink, which Evan Daniels is set to compete in. Everything is going well until Evan starts to beat out the competition and they're not happy. One of the skaters even accuses Evan of using his powers, and Evan angrily denies it. This causes Guy to come over and tell Evan that they'll need to talk to the judges. Evan walks away even more angry, saying he knows what was happening.

Guy is not seen again until he comes to check on a night guard at his plant only to find the man paralyzed. Guy realizes what is happening and finds two more guards to help him attack the Morlocks, who are the ones who have been destroying his product. Only, when attacking them, things start to go wrong and his vats are overturned, spilling Pow-R8, which was revealed earlier to be toxic, even fatally so, to mutants, into a tidal wave after the Morlocks. They escape into the tunnels, leaving Guy's plant extremely damaged.

Guy is then shown talking with Charles Xavier, asking him why the Morlocks just didn't tell him, that he would have done something. However, later he is shown on the phone telling someone to get the plant up in full production and that Pow-R8 just became much more valuable. This is implying that he is going to use it against mutants at some point later.

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