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Gabrielle Haller
Gabrielle Haller.png
Biographical Information
In the Comics: Gabrielle Haller
Real Name: Gabrielle Haller
Age: 50+
Species: Human
Religion: Jewish
Originally From: Israel
Relatives: David Haller (son)
Affiliations: X-Men (via marriage)
Interests: Charles Xavier (ex-husband)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Green
Character Information
First Appearance: Sins of the Son
Voiced by: Stevie Vallance

Character Female Human.png

Early Life

Gabrielle Haller is the former wife of Charles Xavier and the mother of David. She and Charles parted ways shortly after being married because his work kept him too busy for family (or so she believed). She kept the knowledge of David's existence from Charles Xavier, and vise versa, for many years until David's other personalities conspired to bring them together in a rather painful father-son reunion.

Season 4

David is Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller's son. He can be more than one person due to his mutation. He can be many, but sadly, she loses him when he leaves.