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This page is dedicated to each family unit on X-Men: Evolution
However since X-Men: Evolution was only able to explore the high school years, future spouses and children have also been added, in keeping canon with the comics.

Summers Family

Cyclops was born Scott Summers and grew up in an orphanage for years after the death of his parents in a lone plane crash. Once he become a young adult, Scott found out his younger brother Alex was still alive, and the two were soon reunited. He married Jean Grey, and had a son with her clone named Nathan Summers, while him and Jean had two others in alternate timelines.

Christopher Summers
Katherine Summers
Jean Grey
Scott Summers
Alex Summers
Gabriel Summers
Cal'syee Neramani
Rachel Summers
Nathan Summers
Nate Grey

Grey Family

Jean Grey who later becomes The Phoenix was raised by both her parents until she moved into Xaviers School and met and later married Scott Summers. They had a child in alternative timelines, and Scott later had a child with her clone named named Nathan Summers.

John Grey
Eaine Grey
Scott Summers
Jean Grey
Sara Grey
Paul Bailey
Rachel Summers
Nate Grey
Gailyn Baile
Joey Bailey

Darkhome Family

Mystique was born Raven Darkhölme and met Azazel while in Germany, and the two conceived a child together. She later gave away her child, and it wasn't until he was well grown did they ever reconnect. In the meantime, she adopted Rogue, aka Anna Marie with Irene Adler when she was 4 years old. (14 in the comics)

Raven Darkhölme
Irene Adler
Kurt Wagner
Remy Lebeau

Maximoff Family

Magneto, was born Max Eisenhardt in the 1920s into a Jewish Family in Germany. His parents and sister were murdered by Nazis in WWII after they had fled to Poland. After the death oh his family, Max changed his name to Erik Lehnsherr to escape the country.

Jakob Eisenhardt †
Edie Eisenhardt †
Magda †
Erik Lehnsherr
Ruth Eisenhardt †
Anya †
Pietro Maximoff
Crystalia Amaquelin
Wanda Maximoff
Luna Maximoff

Munroe Family

Storm who was born Ororo Munroe and grew up in Africa. She temporarily married King T'Challa while in Africa. In the Comics, Evan Daniels goes by David Munroe Jr. and was her much younger cousin.

N'Dare Munroe †
David Munroe †
King T'Challa
Orora Monro
Vivian Munro
Mr. Daniels
Evan Daniels

Xavier Family

Charles Xavier who born into a very wealthy family. After his father died, his mother re-married and with a new step-father, came a new Step-brother named Cain Marko. Many years later, Charles himself married, but he was soon divorced for spending to much time away from home. Unbeknown to him, he had a son named David.

Sharon Xavier †
Brian Xavier †
Cain Marko
Cassandra Nova
Charles Xavier
Gabrielle Haller
David Haller

LeBeau Family

Gambit was abandoned at birth and then kidnapped at a young age and named Remy LeBeau. Who grew up in the Thieves' Guild and was married to their rival's daughter Bella Boudreaux in a truce. However after her brother attacked him, and Remy accidentally killed him he was exiled from New Orleans. His is also in a long-term, on-and-off relationship with Rogue.

Mrs. LeBeau
Jean-Luc LeBeau
Marius Boudreaux
Mrs. Boudreaux
Mercy LeBeau
Henri LeBeau
Remy Lebeau
Bella Boudreaux
Julien Boudreaux