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En Sabah Nur
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Biographical Information
Real Name: En Sabah Nur
Alias: Apocalypse
The First One
Age: Over 5,000 years old
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Ancient Egypt
Relatives: Bandit Tribe

Baal (Adoptive Father)

Affiliations: Eye of Ages

En Sabah Nur's Tomb

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Black
Height: Unknown
Character Information
Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy, enhanced strength, agility
First Appearance: Dark Horizon II
Voiced by: David Kaye

En Sabah Nur was the given name of the very first mutant born in ancient Egypt.

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"He saw the power in the child and took him as his own. He named him En Sabah Nur, which means "The First One"... Nur became a powerful warrior. His speed and strength were without equal. No one could touch him. He was unnatural... Since nothing could withstand his wrath, En Sabah Nur took the name Apocalypse."
Beast in Dark Horizon II


It's unknown exactly what En Sabah Nur was like before Baal and his tribe died in front of him and becoming Apocalypse as a consequence to get revenge. Though, since he was a thief, he was cunning, crafty, and secretive. Unlike in his later life, he likely cared for the tribe and his adoptive father, despite being different from them.

Physical appearance

When he was a young adult, En Sabah Nur wore all red clothes had long, blue hair and black eyes. Covered by his clothes were strange markings that appeared on his arms and jaw that glowed in his later years, giving him an ethereal appearance.

As a baby, he was covered in rags to cover his blue skin and he had large eyes.

When he is still young adult before get old after used the Eye of Ages, En Sabah Nur wore yellow Egyptian headdress, blue loincloth, armbands, armor gloves, and a belt that covers his abdomen part but the chest part doesn't wear any type of clothes as his Blue Markings are exposed from face to shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

Prior to his transformation into Apocalypse, En Sabah Nur possessed enhanced strength, speed and reflexes that were beyond a regular human's. An ability similar to Rogue's was that when he awoke and grabbed her, millennia later, he absorbed the powers she had absorbed into himself to restore his strength; however, it is unknown if he gained the powers of those Rogue absorbed in the process, as it is more than likely that those powers were just to revive him.

Somehow, he was able to boost the power of Mesmero's telepathic abilities to rival those of Professor X's while he was weakened and imprisoned, indicating that this was possible by using the mutant as a medium for his powers.

Early Life

As a baby, he was abandoned in the middle of a desert because of his grey skin and blue markings. A tribe of bandits, led by Baal, found him by hearing his cries and adopted him. He soon became the best warrior of his tribe to the point where he was considered unbeatable. However, when Rama-Tut had his tribe attacked, everyone was killed, except for him.

He was so angry that he killed off the rest of the tribe's enemies, hunting down Rama-Tut, who fled (presumably to his own time). Apocalypse found the source of his enemy's power, which was the Eye of Ages. When he learned how to harness its power, he decided to turn the world's population at that time into mutants. When he started using it, it started sucking the life out of him, and his servants then caged him in it. His servants then put the Eye of Ages in a chamber with three doors that required the power of a mutant to unlock, in hopes that he would never be unleashed.


  • After his other powers manifested, En Sabah Nur ceased using his swordsmanship skills, though it's likely before he tried to use the Eye of Ages, he kept a sword as a means to intimidate people.
  • Presumably, the name Apocalypse was also to enable En Sabah Nur to gain justice and vengeance in the name of the tribe he grew up in and his adoptive father.

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