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Emma Frost.png

This is believed to be one of the first drawings on Emma Frost that was going to be used on X-Men Evolution, created by Steven E. Gordon

Grant Morrison stated that had the series continued, Emma Frost would have joined the X-Men and flirted with Cyclops, much to Jean's dismay. At the end, Scott would have betrayed his comrades and joined the Inner Circle.

Emma Frost and Psylocke were in negotiations of being in Season 5.

"She would have been the cream of the cake. Even taking into account that the shows would wind up on Saturday morning, we coulda done it. And if there would have been a fifth season, she would have made it in somewhere, the possibilities would have been stunning."
Frank Paur


  • Scott Summers had an emotional affair with Emma Frost, who he later married her after Jean's 'death'.