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Drew Paille
Biographical Information
Real Name: Drew Paille
Alias: Andrew
Age: 17-18
Species: Human
Affiliations: Bayville High School
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde/Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'9
Character Information
First appearance: Operation: Rebirth
Portrayed by: Christopher Grey

"Uhh! What are you! Some kind of rat?!"
Drew Paille to Kurt Wagner


Drew is a mean kid and a bully. He is usually looking for fights, and anyone smaller or weaker for him to pick on. He has picked fights with Rogue, Kurt Wagner and Evan Daniels.

Physical appearance

Drew is a big kid for his age, is overweight, wears raggedy clothing, and looks unwashed.

Season 2

  • Operation: Rebirth

Drew was talking trash to Rogue, who dared him to fight her. He seemed about ready to take her up on her challenge, when Kurt stopped him. Drew touched Kurt's Image Inducer and Kurt's reflection disappeared. Drew became disgusted by what he saw and threatened to tell everyone. Jean Grey stepped in to erase his mind, convincing him to leave and forget everything.

Season 3

  • The Stuff of Villains

Now that mutants have been revealed, Drew made it both his goal and a pastime to pick on them.

In-between classes at school, Drew was picking on Evan along with his friend John, testing him to show off his powers. Evan popped out his spikes, and the two friends got scared and threatened to tell. They ran away, only to run into Gambit, who then threatened them, telling them to not mess with mutants. Both friends seemed to agree after he demonstrated his own powers.



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