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Dorian Leech
X-men Evo - Leech
Biographical Information
In the Comics: Leech
Real Name: Dorian Leech
Alias: Leech
Age: 12
Species: Morlock


Originally From: New York, NY, USA
Relatives: Mom
Affiliations: Independent
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 4'11
Character Information
Powers: Nullifies all Energy, including Mutant Powers
First appearance: Uprising

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Dorian's mutant ability allows him to generate a very unique kind of energy pulse. This pulse, at present, temporarily disrupts all energy fields surrounding him, shutting down all energy-based systems in his immediate proximity for only a short while. Dorian's energy pulse not only disrupts energy fields, but also surpresses the Mutant X-Gene, temporarily rendering any mutant hit by his pulse powerless. In the episode Ascension II, Rogue absorbs Dorian's power and uses it to shut down all of Apocalypse's technology and power and then turn it back on, showing that Dorian's energy pulses can be used at will, and also jumpstart and restore power to whatever systems they disrupt.

Season 3

Dorian is the child of an overly-loving mother, who did her best to raise him, despite that many people thinking that he was a mutant because of his strange appearance, trying to harm and single him out as much as any other mutant. A small mob attacked him and his mother at a convenience store, but they were rescued by Spyke (who detests bullies and mobs).

Dorian was unaware that he was a mutant until a power surge activated his powers, canceling out any and all energy production in a localized area around him, including that of weapons, lights and even mutants. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it saved him and Spyke from Duncan’s energy weapons.

His mother was less than thrilled; now that her son has been exposed as a mutant, he has little chance of living a normal life.

Dorian and his mother then approached by Xavier, saying he is welcome at the institute, whenever he is ready.

Season 4

He helped save the world in Ascension II


  • In this incarnation of X-Men (along with the third film of the live-action franchise), Leech is not affiliated with the Morlocks (or hasn't joined with them as of yet). His name was also altered to "Dorian Leach" as opposed to "Jimmy".
  • It is unknown who his father is/was in the series.

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