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Promotional poster featuring the Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Rogue.

The first comic for X-Men Evolution was released on November 28 2001, the last issue was released July 31st 2002

Plot lines


Title Written by Editor Release Date Pages
Lines In The Sand Devin Grayson Joe Quesada November 28, 2001 23
Comic 1.png
When high-schooler Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting toad-like mutant powers, Mystique sees a perfect opportunity to get a spy into Xavier's institute. Meanwhile the X-Men recruit a new member as Kurt Wagner joins Xavier's school to learn to harness his mutant powers.
Seeing Clearly Devin Grayson Joe Quesada December 26, 2001 23
Comic 2.png
Continuing the new series based on the hit Kids WB cartoon! What if deadly beams exploded from your eyes? Scott Summers possesses this terrible power...
Hearing Things Devin Grayson Joe Quesada January 30, 2002 22
Comic 3.png
Think it'd be cool to be able to read people's minds? Tell that to Jean Grey! Can she come to terms with her uncontrollable powers in time to stop the new mutant named Toad? And what does Cyclops make of the new red-haired girl?...
Am I Blue? Devin Grayson Joe Quesada February 27th, 2002 22
Comic 4.png
The only thing bigger than Fred Dukes' strength and size is his temper, which makes his first day at school rather difficult. When Jean Grey makes contact, trying to be friendly, he takes it just a bit too seriously...
Untouchable Devin Grayson Joe Quesada March 27th, 2002 23
Comic 5.png
What's the difference between a rowdy gang of mischief-makers and a super-villain team? Perhaps it's the presence of a malevolent mastermind to keep the troops in line!...
Just Like You Devin Grayson Joe Quesada April 24th, 2002 23
Comic 6.png
The X-Men face a new mutant! Peer pressure has never been so dangerous as when Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Spyke, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine meet the Mimic!...
Beast of Burden Devin Grayson Joe Quesada March 2002 23
Comic 7.png
Meet the new recruits: Iceman, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Multiple Man, and Boom Boom! Looks like it’s time to bring in some more teachers -- and luckily, Professor X gets an application from Hank McCoy, a.k.a. the bouncing blue Beast!...
Angel Underground Devin Grayson Joe Quesada May 30th, 2002 23
Comic 8.png
When the high-flying Angel is kidnapped by the underground-dwelling Morlocks, it's up to Storm to zoom into the sewers, overcome her claustrophobia, and fight for his freedom!...
House Party Devin Grayson Joe Quesada July 31st, 2002 22
Comic 9.png
When the Professor's away, the mutants will play! It's party time at the Xavier Institute when Professor X takes a trip - but things really heat up when the Brotherhood crashes the scene!...
Issue #10 Devin Grayson Joe Quesada October 2002 CANCELLED
Comic 10.png