Character Male Human Athletes Leader
Cody Robbins
Rogue Recruit - Cody's OK
Biographical Information
Real Name: Cody Robbins
Age: 16
Species: Human
Religion: Christian
Originally From: Mississippi, USA
Interests: Rogue
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 6'3
Character Information
First appearance: Rogue Recruit
Portrayed by: Sam Vincent

"I'm just, you know, picking my moment. Taking it slow."
Cody to Ty about being nervous to talk to Rogue


Little is known about Cody, other than he had a crush on Rogue when they went to High School together in Mississippi.

Early Life

In flash backs we see the Cody has always been an active kid. From climbing trees as a child, to playing sports including football, and wrestling.

Season 1


Cody Checking out Rouge

Cody was the first person who ever touched Rogue once she manifested her powers at a dance. his buddy Ty was hassseling him to go talk to her, since he'd been looking at her all week. Once Cody decided it was the right time to 'make his move' Rogue agreed to dance with him. Some time later, Ty push Cody to get closer to Rogue, causing them to fall onto each other. Cody was about to help Rogue up when their bodies touched and Cody fell into a coma.

Cody stayed in a coma four about a week, being visited by varies nurses in that time. He woke up about a week later with his best friend Ty still by his bed side. He seemed to be clear to play in their schools next football game.

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