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Biographical Information
Real Name: Caliban
Age: Unknown
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Unknown
Relatives: None
Affiliations: Morlocks
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Height: 6'8
Character Information
Powers: Mutant detection
First Appearance: Day of Recovery
Voiced by: Michael Dobson

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Physical appearance

Caliban always has a sad, downcast demeanor about him. He has extremely pale, white skin, is bald and has a very skinny body. He wears a ragged brown shirt with a dark brown sash, brown pants, and sock-ish type foot coverings which look like his feet were wrapped in two colored cloth.

Powers and Abilities

Caliban is a mutant with the power to detect the location or presence of an X-Gene/Mutant. It does have some limits, as Caliban couldn't detect Magneto's location due to him being too far advanced (this could, however, be due to Magneto wearing his helmet, which could've protected him from being detected).

Early Life

Caliban is a key member of the Morlocks who all live in the sewers of Bayville. Very little is known about him, and even his appearance makes it hard to make guesses as to his origin or age. Caliban does seem to know Berzerker as well as the Scarlet Witch so there is some history with both the X-Men and the Brotherhood teams, but what those connections are or how deep they go, have yet to be revealed. Caliban's mutant abilities activated at birth because of his freakish appearance his parents named him Caliban after the character from William Shakespeare's The Tempest it is unknown about his life with his parents or how he joined the Morlocks.

Season 3

In this episode, he appears to be arguing with Callisto about Evan Daniels joining the Morlocks, saying she should never have taken him in as it would bring people after him.

In Other Media

  • This is Caliban's second appearance in an X-Men cartoon, his first appearance being in X-Men: The Animated Series
  • Caliban has appeared in two X-Men films: X-Men: Apocalypse and Logan
  • Caliban had an important role in one video game: X-Men: Destiny


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