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Bayville Sirens
Bayville Syrins.png
Biographical Information
Name: Bayville Sirens
Members: Boom Boom

Jean Grey

Age: 15-18
Species: Mutants
Status: Disbanded

The Brotherhood


Stopping Crime

Gender: Females
Episode Info
First appearance: Walk on the Wild Side

Physical appearance

All of them are dressed in black leather clothes, and almost all of their clothes expose their midriffs. Jean's is the most conservative, wearing a black leather vest with pants, revealing only a portion of her hips and her shoulders. Rogue's is wearing a black, three-quarter tank top, matching pants, and a dark, brown, leather jacket. Amara's is wearing a midriff shirt that has shoulders that slip off, as well as matching pants. Kitty's is wearing only a half vest that exposes her stomach, shoulders, and back. She also has a pair of black pants. Tabitha's is the most revealing out of all of them, wearing a midriff shirt that has two straps that connect the front and the back. They all wear sunglasses as masks.

Early Life

On the way to the mall, Tabitha Smith and Amara Aquilla witness a car-jacking. They chase after the criminals. Jean Grey finds them along the way and manages to stop the car-jackers from running over two innocent bystanders. The chase then continues and Amara melts the tires of the jacker's car. Tabitha throws a bomb in the rear window and the criminals bail right before the car explodes. They take off running, but Jean traps them with cinder blocks. The girls celebrate and then take off when they hear the police coming.

It later showed up on the news.

Season 2

Tabitha picks up the girls in Lance's jeep while Scott and Kurt try to follow them. Kitty phases them through a train and they lose the boys. Later they see another car being stolen and give chase. The owner of the car calls up the cops on his cell and tells them that his car's been stolen and the Sirens are already on the job.

The girls track the car to a warehouse, where they get caught spying on a ring of car thieves. Seems the whole thing was a setup by the ring to try and catch the Sirens (they've been cutting into their business). The girls beat up the crooks in a Charlie's Angel like fight scene. Tab gets a little too excited with her blasts and starts multiple fires. Kitty and Amara trap the ring leader in the trunk of a car.

The girls round up all of the crooks and put out the fires. A policewoman surprises them and tells them they're all under arrest. Tabitha wants to fight, but Jean stops her. The police woman agrees to let them go if they stop the vigilante routine. They agree and take off right before the rest of the police arrive.


  • The songs, played in this episode are: Walking on the Wild Side, Don't mess with my Kind, and Only A Girl.