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Bayville High School
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Bayville High School
Faculty: Principal Darkhome

Principal Kelly
Hank McCoy
Dorothy Red
Mr. Hawke

Students: Andrew Black

Ellen De'Gen
Sandy Dee
Keith Kcid
Riley Finn
Taryn Fujioka
Ryan Griff
Paul Haits
Linda Lane
Duncan Matthews
Savannah Monroe
Jason Nasier
Drew Paille
Dan Perkins
Danny Rem
Mal Robson
Portia Ross
Amanda Sefton
Patty Simcox
Webber Torque
Sydney White

Lance Alvers
Amara Aquilla
Evan Daniels
Fred Dukes
Jean Grey
Pietro Maximoff
Kitty Pryde
Tabitha Smith
Scott Summers
Todd Tolansky
Kurt Wagner

Age: 13-18
Species: Humans & Mutants
Location: Upstate New York, probably somewhere along the Hudson River. Possibly Poughkeepsie, NY.

Bayville Soccer Team
Bayville Floor Hockey Team
Bayville Basketball Team
Bayville Football Team
Bayville Cheerleaders
Dracula The Rock Opera
Sadie Hawkins Dance

Physical Description
Character Information
First appearance: Strategy X

"Since this is personal, let's keep it personal. Now most of you have children, and you love them for who they are-not for what they can or can’t do. There is a chance that one of them will have an advanced X-gene, and as they grow older, they will be considered mutants. You will love them, anyway. But people will hate them. And people will want to hurt them. You will hope for the day that your child can live in a safe world. Well, that world must begin now. With you. By allowing mutants to attend public school. Thank you."
Jean Grey to the School-board


Season 1
Season 2

  • Growing Pains

Everyone is gathered in the gym for an assembly. The new principal, Edward Kelly walks toward the podium. Lance uses his powers to shake the place up and make Kelly stumble. Then, another tremor that shakes loose the scoreboard over Mr. Kelly's head. The scoreboard just misses his head. Mr. Kelly laughs it off and gives a speech about everyone using their special gifts and talents to make it a great school year. He also says he wants everyone to show up to the pre-game rally for the girl's soccer team championship.

  • Power Surge

At a school assembly, Jean Grey wins the MVP Soccer Award. Everyone is cheering madly. Ms. Grey starts her acceptance speech, but she freaks out, knocking over the awards table and yelling. Mr. Grey makes a joke about losing her head and finishes her speech.

Next day at track try outs, Duncan Matthews and Scott Summers undergo another testosterone-athon. Mathew Duncan ends up tripping Scott Summers and knocking off his glasses. Mr. McCoy throws Mr. Duncan off of the team and helps Mr. Summers. Nearby, Jean Greys javelin goes flying through the air uncontrollably. The javelin hurls towards Kitty Pryde and some other students getting ready to run a race. A tremor knocks the girls off of their feet and the javelin passes by just above their heads.

Shot-puts out flying out in random directions. Mr. McCoy is able to catch two with his bare hands, another barely misses Mr. Scott and flies straight for Mr. Duncan's head, a beam hits it and it lands with a crash into Principal Kelly's desk. Scott Summeres rushes to Jean Grey and asks her what's wrong. She cries that she "can't control it" then passes out. She it taken home by her fellow housemates.


  • Ms. Darkhome - Ms. Darkhome was Bayville High's first school principal that was introduced. She was a strict woman, and didn't take kindly to students who fooled around in her school or on her time. She had a tendency to disappear sometimes, but always kept a tight watch on what was happening at all times — never letting anything happen without her say-so. However, she is prone to outbursts and is not shy about disciplining a student. Sometime during the summer, she disappeared permanently after teaching at Bayville for only one year. After that, her disappearance was unexplained, even to the staff and students.
  • Principal Kelly - Edward Kelly became the new principal of Bayville High after the disappearance of Ms. Darkholme. When mutants are exposed, he doesn’t like the fact that they attend his school and tries to get them expelled. When some of them are allowed to come back to school, he uses the Brotherhood to get them banned. When they fail in doing so, he expels the boys out of spite.
  • Mr. Vandermeer - Evan's Social Science teacher saw that Evan was having trouble getting by in class. (He asked for a report on the Star Wars program, and Evan mistakenly wrote about the films.) So, he decided to help him out, by trying a new approach with him. He is the teacher that gave Evan the challenge of filming the world though his own eyes.
  • Mr. Radetski - He is Rogue, Scott & Paul's grade 10 Geography teacher. It was his idea to have a field trip up to the mountains. When the bus was delayed from the snow, he took his students on an exhibition of the cave.
  • Hank McCoy - Hank McCoy was Bayville High's Science and Gym teacher. He taught for a couple of years before quickly resigning one day.
  • Cafeteria lady
  • Dorothy
  • Drama teacher