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Biographical Information
In the Comics: Avalanche
Real Name: Lance Alvers
Alias: Avalanche
Age: 17–20
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Deerfield, Illinois, USA
Relatives: Unnamed Parents
Affiliations: The Brotherhood
X-Men (Briefly)
Bayville High School
Deerfield High School (Formerly)
Interests: Kitty Pryde (On/Off Again)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Character Information
Powers: Vibration Emission
First Appearance: X Impulse
Voiced by: Christopher Grey

Character Male Brotherhood.png Leader.png Bayville High School.png X-Men.png Couples.png Season 1.png Season 2.png Season 3.png Season 4.png
"You're making it yours Kitty. Once you own it, nothing can
own you.
Lance to Kitty

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Avalanche is a grungy, hot-headed and rebellious loner, is the The Brotherhood's field leader, and is known for his rivalry with the straight-laced, X-Men leader, Cyclops.

Like his Marvel Comics book counterpart, Avalanche possess geological manipulation-based powers by generating seismic waves from his hands. Avalanche is often irrational and driven by his temper, but as the series progresses, he becomes more mature and pragmatic, taking on a more morally ambiguous role. He is reluctant to be a villain, rather, he is angered by societal hatred and contempt for mutants, whether good or evil. Avalanche has been known to lapse into heroic roles, such as joining the X-Men.

While Lance is mostly irritated by his teammates, he tends to act as the "caretaker", only committing petty crimes to pay for bills and groceries.

Physical appearance

Lance is taller than average men of his age and has a muscular and solid frame. He has dark, brown hair that he keeps long and messy. He also has brown eyes. His skin complexion is a tan-olive color, and his features are vaguely Mediterranean, especially his nose, which is fairly large, but somehow manages to fit his face. Lance usually wears a brown, leather vest over a black shirt with torn jeans that have tears around his knees. He wears brown boots and black, fingerless gloves are worn on his hands.

His battle suit consists of a full, navy blue bodysuit with maroon accents and a high collar. He covers it with silver-colored body armor and shoulder plates. His boots have metal plates attached and he wears gauntlets over his arms. He wears a helmet of a clear material which looks like glass, but it's lighter and does not shatter easily.

Powers and Abilities

Avalanche has the ability to generate powerful seismic waves from his hands, which he can use to highly destructive effects. These seismic waves can cause any form of inorganic matter to shatter or crumble to dust. When directed at large objects, like a building or the Earth itself, these seismic waves create effects similar to those of an avalanche or an earthquake within localized areas.

Unlike his mainstream counterpart, Avalanche's seismic waves seem to be able to affect organic material, as well as inorganic material, although not to the same extent. Avalanche does not need to touch an object for these seismic waves to work. He can aim and direct them within his line of sight. Avalanche himself is immune to the effect of these seismic waves.

Avalanche's ability to generate seismic waves gives him a limited degree of geokinesis (the telekinetic ability to control Earth-based materials, such as stone). He can use these seismic waves to create thrusting pillars of rock for ranged attacks, create trenches and earthquakes, and even redirect Earth-based substances to an extent.

Originally, Avalanche would suffer from powerful headaches whenever he used his powers. However, from Season Two onward, this does not seem to affect him. Avalanche also had difficulty controlling his powers and would fight by simply bringing down whatever he could with his powers. After the first season, Avalanche has shown some considerable control, being able to focus his powers to create localized trenches and focus them on specific locations.

Early Life

Not much is known about Lance Alver's past, except that he's an orphan, has no known family, and was in the foster care system for most of his life before he ended up in Bayville High School. Based on his attitudes and reactions throughout the show, though, we can safely assume a few points.

It is very likely that he spent some of his younger, scrawnier years being bullied. Whenever and however it is that his powers manifested, this finally gave him an "upper edge" with his would-be bullies and he used it to this end. As he got older, he became more confident and more self-assured. He came to see his abilities as his savior and not his curse.

When meeting Kitty at his former high school, it seemed as if he hadn't ever met someone else with mutant powers before, so seeing her phase out of a locker made him realize that he wasn't actually alone and that there were others out there like him.

Season 1

  • X-Impulse

Traveling in the Blackbird, Jean questions why she was chosen for aiding Charles Xavier in recruiting Kitty, and not the rest of the team. Xavier explains that she could connect with the girl. Jean asks about the other mutant signature that Cerebro picked up, the one in the foster home. Xavier clarifies the mutant's name is Lance Alvers as he tells her to keep her focus on Kitty and her parents and to let him worry about Lance.

Lance getting ready to be bad...

At Deerfield High school, a teenage guy comes out of the men's restroom and looks around to make sure that the hallways are empty. He then starts to spray paint graffiti over all the lockers in the hallway. Inside the locker, Kitty hears something outside and begs to be let out before phasing through and simultaneously slamming into Lance Alvers as he's passing by. Lance is enthusiastic about Kitty's powers and chooses to introduce himself to her as he tells her that he understands because she is just like him. Kitty is skeptical before he proves this by showing her his powers as he concentrates, causing a small earthquake in the near vicinity. After this demonstration, she concludes that he was some sort of freak before running off.

Lance is thinking up a plan...

Soon afterward, Lance and two other boys, Danny Rem and Ryan Griff are on the school's rooftop trying to find a way to break into an office and steal test answers. Lance realizes that he can use Kitty to get into the office as he sees what happening on the track field below. When Riley takes her turn, Lance causes a tremor and hits Riley with a load of sand during her long jump. Kitty realizes Lance's involvement after he waves at her from the rooftop before running off towards the school and bumping into Jean Grey on the way.

After Kitty's quick departure from the auditorium, Lance threatens Jean by telling her to leave Kitty alone before he goes to pursue Kitty. Leaving the auditorium, Kitty retreated to her locker getting her books for her next period before being confronted by Lance. Initially trying to fight him, Lance properly introduces himself and reveals to her that he won't use his power as he merely wants to talk to her. At first, Kitty's still wary of him, but after Lance explains to her how lonely and sick he felt after he first got his powers, that he knows what she's going through before inviting her to see him after school by the office in an hour.

Lance encourages Kitty to use her phasing powers.

Meanwhile, Lance is outside the school's office waiting for Kitty arrival. Once she arrives, she questions how does he take control. Lance tells her that the way to take control of her powers is to admit something that no one wants to - that they are outsiders and that there may actually be something wrong with them. As Kitty begins to become very depressed, Lance tells her that she should not fret but to embrace the fact. As the way he sees it is that fate dealt them winning cards, if they play them together. Kitty's still confused as nothing is making any sense to her but Lance reassures her. She succeeds in phasing through the school's office and she's excited about her powers for the first time. As Lance finishes downloading the test results and about to change their school grades, Kitty gets upset as she realizes that Lance was using her and her powers for his own personal gain. Lance starts to get a bit more forceful with Kitty as she struggling to get away from him when Jean Grey and Kitty's parents arrive. Originally, Kitty's father tries to stop Lance but the said mutant uses his powers to topple a bookcase on top of him.

X Impulse- Lance angry.jpg

Lance, afraid of what might happen if they're caught, creates a hole in the wall via his powers as they try to talk Kitty out of going with Lance. He tells them that it's too late as she's with him now as he grips her arm and starts to drag Kitty along with him through his escape route.

Things eventually escalate to the point where Lance decides to bring the whole school down to stop Kitty's parents and Jean from following them. While Lance began to take her away, Jean reminded Kitty that earlier she stated that she didn't want her powers to become a curse before stating that if she did go with Lance, they would indeed become her curse. Kitty finally realizes that Lance was wrong and dangerous after he tries to keep her from her family. After she phases her arm out of Lance's grip, Kitty runs back to her parents. Lance becomes quite furious, creating a large tremor that accidentally causes the ceiling to fall in around her, then quickly leaves.

X Impulse- Lance meets Mystique.png

Later, Lance watches as the Fire Department puts out any flames from the remainder of the school. He walks away from the scene as Principal Darkholme appears behind him, saying that he's blown his chances at this school. Lance skeptically asks who she is and replies that she's his new adviser and that she has made an opening for him at Bayville High. She further explains that she has much to teach him as she transforms into Mystique, while codenaming him Avalanche.

  • Mutant Crush

At lunch, Lance, Rogue, and Todd were all sitting together when a food fight breaks out and the Blob ends up busting up the cafeteria.

  • Speed & Spyke

Lance was sent to the principal's office. While there he waited with Fred, Todd, and Rogue.

  • Middleverse


Lance walks by Jean and Scott while walking with Fred. He sarcastically asked 'what are you looking at Summers". Scott demands to know what they've done to Kurt. Fred and Lance egg Scott on, and when they don't tell him he jerks up Lance and slams him into the lockers. Fred pulls Scott off Lance and Jean and Lance faces off. A crowd gathers, but before any real damage is done, Ms. Darkhome shows up to break them up. Demanding to know what's going on, the boys claim it was Scotts fault. The principal takes Jean and Scott to her office.

Blob, Avalanche, and Toad show up looking for Rogue by Mystique's request. Scott is surprised that Rogue is working for Mystique. Avalanche asks who's side she's on and Rogue says it's not her fight and leaves. The rest fight over the gizmo. Jean and Scott put the Blob down. Avalanche knocks Kitty through a wall, but she phases back through and calls him a loser. Toad tries to get past Spyke and reach the gizmo, but Spyke puts up a wall of spikes and knocks him down.

Kurt and Forge use the battery from Raven's car and drive it right through the portal. They run over the gizmo smashing it and then straight into the Blob. The Brotherhood take off since the gizmo is smashed.

  • Survival of the Fittest

Survival Fittest - Brotherhood.png

In the mountains, The Brotherhood Todd, Fred, Lance, and Pietro are mad because they have just shipped into a survival training camp, & Scott was chosen to be leader. When Sergeant Hawke leaves Blob says he wants to get them alone and lose them in the woods. Lance says that they'll beat them where it'll hurt the most, in public.

Survival Fittest - lance paddel.png

Lance and Scott race over an obstacle course. Lance uses his power to dunk Scott in the river. He then takes Lance's raft and wins the race.

Everyone argues over who should have won fairly. Hawk blows the whistle and makes them all preform push-ups. He tells them that if they want to prove how tough they are, they have to get a flag from the top of Mt. Humiliation. Quicksilver says he can get the flag while his team takes a break, Nightcrawler says "not before I can". Hawk tells them that the whole team has to reach the top and retrieve the flag together. Lance and Scott go after each other again and Jean breaks them up. They all agree not to use their powers to get the flag, but to play "fair". Both teams take off.

Survival Fittest - lance.png

Toad scouts ahead for the Brotherhood, while Blob drags Quicksilver and Avalanche up the side of the mountain with ropes.

The Brotherhood find an abandoned mine that leads to the top and starts through it. They reach the end of the tunnel, but it's blocked. Avalanche starts to get angry, but Quicksilver and Toad talk him into using his powers to "shake" the debris loose. When he tries the tunnel collapses in on them.

Now we are going to loose!

Rogue finds the Brotherhood at the bottom of a shaft. Toad begs them not to leave them behind over a stupid race. Scott tells them they won't.

On the mountain, the X-Kids save the Brotherhood. As they're pulling out the last one, Avalanche, the Blob points towards the flag and Quicksilver takes off. Nightcrawler ports up and they reach the flag at the same time and begin wrestling over it. The X-Jet pulls up suddenly and Storm tells them over the loud speaker that Xavier and Mystique are in trouble. Scott asks Lance if he's ready and he replies "Let's go!". The X-Jet flies by Sgt. Hawk and the flag and a pic of all of the X-Men and Brotherhood at the top of the mountain drops to the ground beside him.

Survival Fittest -Aval..png

Everyone arrives as Juggernaut reaches for Xavier, but Jean uses her Telekinesis to pull him away. She can't hold him long though and collapses. Wolverine tells them to try to get Juggernaut's helmet. Juggernaut goes for Jean, but the Blob rushes in and knocks him away from her. Nightcrawler ports in while he's stunned and unlatches one of the four latches holding on his helmet. Juggernaut throws Nightcrawler and then charges the Blob and knocks him back across the Danger Room. Cyclops blasts him, but Juggernaut picks up a piece of the Danger room wreckage and throws it at him. Avalanche uses his tremors and is able to make him stumble. Quicksilver is able to get to him long enough to open another latch. Juggernaut throws Quicksilver off, but Storm steps up and disorients him with wind gusts. He stumbles back and falls. Kit and Rogue phase out of the wall and are able to get the last two latches. Toad uses his tongue to grab Juggernaut's helmet and yank it free. Xavier is then able to use his powers to take out Juggernaut. As the X-Kids and Brotherhood cheer and congratulate one another, Mystique comments about it not being a sight you see everyday. Xavier agrees and Mystique takes the Brotherhood home.

  • Shadowed Past

Shadowed Past.png

The Brotherhood show up at the construction site where Kurt and Mystique are meeting up. Mystique tries to get rid of them, but Quicksilver says they have "higher orders now". They surround Nightcrawler and eventually knock him out, but the other X-Men show up and a fight ensues. While Jean and Shadowcat help Nightcrawler, Avalanche starts a tremor but Rogue jumps him and steals his powers thus knocking him unconscious. Rogue tries to stop Mystique from running off. Mystique tells her it's too late for answers and when Rogue causes a quake, she turns into a raven and flies away.

  • The Cauldron I

The Cauldron I - 44 lance n rogue.png

Mystique radios to Avalanche saying the plans have changed, that they're on the move. The X-kids are ambushed by The Brotherhood. They end up crashing into the Blob on the beach. Avalanche buries all of them in sand. Kurt teleports himself and Rogue out, and tackle Avalanche and Toad. Kitty phases Evan out of the sand as Quicksilver speeds up and shoves Evan. Blob jumps onto Kitty. She phases out from under him but passes out. Avalanche tumbles rocks out from under Kurt. He 'ports but the rocks port with him and crush him on the beach. Quicksilver buries Spyke in the sand. Rogue smashes Toad into the overturned car and is about to absorb his powers but Avalanche stops her and tells her that she's won. The Blob points to the four spheres on their way down from the sky and says here comes her reward.

  • The Cauldron II

The Cauldron II - 24 brotherhood.png

On Asteroid M, Xavier confronts Scott about why he's there. Scott says he's just there to listen. Xavier points to Jean, Rogue, and Ororo and asks Scott if they're just there to listen also. Scott gets angry and wants Magneto to let them out. Magneto says he's only being cautious and he'll let them out soon. Xavier tries to talk some sense into Cyke, but Magneto puts him into stasis also. Scott freaks and is going to blast Xavier out, but Magneto tells him that if he does Xavier will not survive decompression. Scott turns on Magneto, but Alex steps in and tells him that no one should be getting hurt. Scott says he doesn't like it, but does as Alex says anyway.

Magneto takes them all into the Asteroid and shows them a Gem of Cyttorak and tells them about the "Genetic Enhancers" he's been able to build using the gems. He claims that the enhancers will fully evolve their mutant powers and put them in total control. He tells Scott he'll let the other X-Men go once Scott has gone through the enhancer. Magneto sends Sabertooth through as a demonstration.

Sabertooth emerges from the enhancer bigger and more feral. Alex talks Scott into going into the enhancer. Magneto brings the other X-Men out of stasis in time to see Scott enter the enhancer. Xavier tries to stop Scott, but the door slams shut as Scott tries to get out. Scott and Alex come out of the enhancer as adults (both with white hair). Magneto gives Alex the codename Havok and tells Scott he can take off his visor. Then he tells them that the enhancer has affected their minds as well, wiping out emotions.

They pick up an incoming aircraft and Magneto tries to use his powers against it. When he realizes that there's no metal for him to control he sends out Alex and Scott to "defend them"

The Cauldron II - 42 lance.png

Kitty phases the kids out after Scott & Alex crash a jet to the ground. Mystique climbs out of the top and heads straight for Magneto. Wolverine releases the other X-Men from the stasis tubes and tells them to all gather at the X-Jet. Xavier sends Storm and Rogue to "ready the jet" as he and Jean try to free the brothers from the debris.

X-Kids take on The Brotherhood. Kurt drops the Blob, Kitty and Spyke take out Avalanche. Toad helps Mystique against Magneto. The Blob tells Avalanche to knock off the tremors as the whole asteroid begins to quake. He tells him it's not him and they realize they have to get off quick.

Toad shows up and Avalanche asks him which side he's on. Toad tells him he's on the side that lives. The brotherhood heads for the X-Jet, when they get to Storm and the block, Blob bulldozers his way through. Toad, Avalanche, and Blob head for the jet. Kit and Spyke show up dragging Quicksilver and Storm tells them to get onto the jet.

The Cauldron II - 59 brotherhood.png

The X-Jet comes back for Scott & Alex when they begin to run for it, but there are still too many tremors and falling debris and it can't get to them. Asteroid M begins to fall and Alex and Scott use their powers to blast it apart as it crashes towards them. They both collapse to the ground back to normal.

The X-Jet lands and Scott apologizes to everyone for the way he's been acting. The brotherhood stands off to one side and one of them asks what's going to happen to them now. Avalanche says that two spheres left the asteroid right before it blew. He says Mystique is out there somewhere and she'll be back.

Season 2

  • Growing Pains

Lance and the Brotherhhod

At school, everyone is gathered in the gym for an assembly. On the floor of the gym, The Brotherhood are all standing/slouching against a wall. Fred asks why they're even in school and Pietro says he knows what Lance is doing. They all look at Lance, but he's watching Kitty as she talks to some of her friends. Pietro says "He'd like to get a certain Kitty stuck in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N..." The rest of the Brotherhood laugh as Lance tries to backhand Pietro, but he speeds out of the way and Todd gets hit instead.

When Lance notices Kitty looking his way, he heads over to sit behind her. Lance tries to talk to her, but Kitty brushes him off by asking if he shouldn't he be erupting somewhere. The Brotherhood overhears this and they start laughing louder. As the new principal, Edward Kelly walks toward the podium, Lance uses his powers to shake the place up and make Kelly stumble. Kitty glares at him. He waves and smiles goofy at her, Kitty softly giggles thus making Lance very happy. He, trying to get her attention again, asks if she wants to see some real shaking, then starts a tremor that shakes loose the scoreboard over Kelly's head. The scoreboard just misses Kelly and the staff, Kitty gets angry at Lance and tells him to get a clue.

After the assembly, Kitty and Lance are arguing down by Lance's jeep with the rest of the Brotherhood. Lance tells her that he's sorry about the scoreboard situation and asks her not to be mad, but she tells him that he can be a real jerk sometimes. She starts to walk away but Lance grabs her arm to stop her. Scott shows up and tells him to leave her alone as Kitty phases her arm out of Lance's grip. Lance says that it was between him and Kitty, not Scott. When Lance tries to goad Scott into fighting with his powers, Kitty stops him saying that Lance knows they can't use their powers in public. Scott walks away and tells her to come along. She hesitates for a second, but as the rest of the Brotherhood laugh, she huffs and walks away. Lance tells the rest of the Brotherhood that he's tired of hiding his powers. Fred implies that Mystique said to not reveal themselves but Lance says that she isn't around anymore and that he thinks it's time they go public.

Avalanche reveals the existence of mutants to the public.

At the prep game rally, Kelly shows off the new school mascot the "Bayville Hawk", which shoots off fireworks. The game begins, but the Brotherhood show up and interrupt the game as Avalanche and the others announce that they're mutants, that have special powers. TV cameras catch all the action as he also announces that the Xavier Institute is also filled with mutants and names Jean and Scott personally. The Brotherhood starts wrecking the stadium with Avalanche creating a trench in the middle of the soccer field, the Blob wrecking the bleachers and Quicksilver harassing Kelly. The X-Kids take off to change into uniform as Xavier calls to Storm, telepathically, that they need her. The X-Kids hit the field with Cyclops blasting the hawk out of Blob's hands and it flies into the gym causing a small explosion. Cyclops calls out to Avalanche to bring it on and he happily responded with both of them facing off. Spyke and Shadowcat destroy the TV cameras and tapes, as Jean saves Kelly from Quicksilver.

Shadowcat holds an unconscious Avalanche.

Blob starts destroying the stadium seats that still have people on them. But he is then sapped by Rogue and the whole construction falls on both of them. Shadowcat goes to help Rogue get out of the wreck while also helping the other victims. She doesn't see that the hawk statue above her is about to fall. Avalanche continues to fight with Cyclops, but he interrupts his battle as he realizes that the statue is about to fall on Shadowcat. He runs past Cyclops and pushes Shadowcat out of the way as the school's mascot comes crashing down on top of him. Shadowcat screams in horror at what had happened and she phases him out from under the statue. When Storm comes and creates a rainstorm that causes everyone to stop fighting and calm down, Shadowcat stays with an unconscious Avalanche until he wakes up again.

  • Power Surge

Power Surge- Lance n Kitty smiling.png

Lance uses his powers to save Kitty.

Outside after the assembly, Lance catches up to Kitty and offers to walk with her to chemistry.

In class Lance and Kitty talk. Lance says he's really into chemistry and Kitty asks if he's ever made a "stink bomb". The two seem to be getting along pretty well and are now very friendly with each other. The new chemistry teacher comes in and introduces himself as Mr. McCoy, and tells them that he's also their new gym coach. Then he tells them that they're going to make stink bombs and everyone cheers. Kitty and Lance smile at each another.

Next day at track try outs, Jean's powers go out of control again and unintentionally sends a javelin hurling towards Kitty and some other girls getting ready to run a race. Lance is watching Kitty from the stands nearby and sees the javelin coming. He uses his power to save Kitty when he causes a tremor that knocks the girls off of their feet and the javelin passes by just above their heads. Kitty looks back at him, Lance smiles and waves at her then shrugs.

  • Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

BadaBing - 10 bro.png

At The Brotherhood house, which is a total wreck, Todd is in the kitchen eating flies. Pietro rushes in and checks all of the cabinets and complains about the bare cupboards and that everything is falling apart. Fred agrees with Pietro when Todd tells them that they need money and he knows where to get it. He heads upstairs (past Lance on his way down) only to slam into something and come tumbling down the stairs again.

He's actually trying to break down Mystique's door. Fred comments to the others that he's at it again indicating that Todd has previously been trying multiple times to break down Mystique's door. He does this 2-3 more times before Fred stops him saying he doesn't want to see him get hurt while Pietro asks what would happen when Mystique comes back and finds out that they've broken into her room. Todd says she's not coming back and Fred flings him against a wall. Lance calls them "Einsteins" and tells them that he'll be at school while walking out the door. Fred and Pietro give Lance confused looks as Todd says me too, for his own safety, following Lance out the door.

BadaBing - 17 tab.png

At school during lunchtime, Lance uses his powers on a soda machine as it rumbles and he gets a free soda. Tabitha shows up and says nice technique, then places a bomb in the machine. It explodes and money and sodas fly everywhere. She grabs a soda and asks Lance what he thinks of her technique. He comments about her breaking the rules and appliances as he tells her that she'd fit right in with the Brotherhood. She laughs and says as like she'd want to and leaves.

There she is! Let's follow her.

At the carnival, while Tabitha and Kurt are pulling all sorts of pranks, Tabby drops one of her "bombs" into Fred's hotdog and it explodes. Lance catches site of Tabitha and tells Fred that she was the girl at soda machines and they follow her. When Tabitha's dad wants her to help him break into the office and get the carnival proceeds, she finally agrees and they head out. But Fred and Lance had been listening in and Lance says that they're financial troubles are about to be over.

After Tabitha and her father take the money, the Brotherhood ambush them. Toad takes off with the money and they end up in the condemned gym. The X-Kids show up and a fight breaks out.

BadaBing - 36 lance n tab.png

Later at the Brotherhood house, Todd asks Lance what happened to the water. Lance says that the city shut it off as he grabs himself a bottle of water. The door bells rings and Lance answers the door to show Tabitha as she pretty much forces her way in while grabbing Lance's water bottle. She asks Fred if the rooms are upstairs and Fred just nods dumbly. As she wanders upstairs to find a room, Pietro tells Fred to go stop her but she "booms" down Mystique's door. Inside it seems that Mystique had the only room in the house that isn't ready to be condemned as Tabitha says its not bad. The BH are all standing in the doorway, gawking and she tells them to stay out of her room and slams the door in their faces.

  • Adrift

Lance calls Kitty to see if she wants to go to the mall with him. However, after he hears laughing coming from her end, she tells him she'll think about it and says she'll call him back.

  • Joyride

Joyride- Avalanche.jpg

Late at night, Avalanche breaks down the Xavier Institute gates. Alarms go off and the X-Men scramble out of bed to get dressed in their combat uniforms. Grounds security guns begin firing on Avalanche, but he uses his powers to destroy them. He meets the X-Men at the front door. Wolverine pops his claws out and asks what he wants. Avalanche tells them that he has come to join the X-Men. Everyone is surprised and Shadowcat asks if he's joking. Avalanche says that he's serious and Wolverine makes a crack about wanting to be the tooth fairy and everyone laughs.

Joyride- Lance n Xavier shake hands.jpg
Joyride- Lance n Kitty.jpg

Charles Xavier comes out and tells them to give Lance a chance to talk. Inside when Xavier asks Lance why he wants to join the X-Men, he glances at Kitty and tells them that it is time for a change. Xavier agrees to let him join. Cyclops is shocked, and when he starts to object, Xavier cuts him off and asks Kitty to show Lance to a one of the guest rooms. When they both leave, Scott tells Xavier that Lance wouldn't be there unless he wanted something. Xavier agrees and says that what Lance wants is to be near Kitty. He tells Scott that he believes Lance's feelings for Kitty are genuine and that it is a good start. He also tells Scott to give him a chance.

Meanwhile, Kitty shows Lance to his room, but with a somewhat nasty attitude. He unpacks by dumping his duffel into one drawer. Kitty's about to leave when she hesitates. She loses the attitude and tells him that she thinks it's cool that he wants to be an X-Man, but that being at Xavier's can be tough and that the other guys aren't going to cut him any slack. Lance tells her that he can handle it.

The next morning, Lance is running through a lot of training sessions with the New Mutants. The first session's in the Blackbird. Iceman is flying the jet as the others ride in the back. Lance is pretty nervous. Iceman promptly sends them into a spiraling crash and everyone screams. The simulation shuts down and Iceman comes out acting pretty proud of himself. He runs up to Wolverine and tells him that it took him almost twice as long to crash and burn. Wolverine knocks him down a notch or two and tells him that "hot-dogging" won't cut it.

Joyride- Shadowcat+Avalanche.png

Avalanche comes out of the sim looking pretty queasy. Shadowcat asks him if he's okay and he tells her that he's fine, that being an X-Man is a piece of cake. She smiles at him and says that's good. When she turns away, he slaps his hand over his mouth and takes off running. Xavier asks Wolverine if he's not being a little hard on Iceman, that he's been known to do some hot-dogging himself. Wolverine tells Xavier that he can walk away from a crash, but they (New Mutants) can't. Nightcrawler is cleaning in the background (still on probation from Bada Boom) and has stopped to eavesdrop, Wolverine tells him to get back to work as he still has another week of probation. Nightcrawler grumbles to himself and sarcastically asks who wouldn't want to be an X-Man.

Joyride- New Recruits congrad Lance.jpg

Next session shows the NM outside. They're supposed to take out some flying saw blades before they hit them. Magma and Iceman both fail and Cyclops has to blast the blades out of the air. Avalanche walks up and Cyclops slaps a hand on his shoulder and tells him that his new uniform looks a lot better than his old "fruit bowl". Then he stands there with this stupid look on his face.

Avalanche gets mad (understandably) and shrugs off Cyclops' hand. Then he rumbles the training grounds and takes out the blade firing thingies and the target. The NMs all gather around Lance congratulating him and Shadowcat starts giggling. Cyclops gets mad and leaves.

Next session is in the Danger Room. New Mutants are running a gauntlet. Avalanche makes it to the end without being hit. He throws his arms up in the air and starts hamming it up. They show Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat in the control booth. Cyclops tells Nightcrawler to watch this. They cut back to Avalanche, who's now waving happily at Shadowcat. Cyclops sends out a large padded device that knocks Avalanche to the ground. The NMs laugh but up in the booth Shadowcat gives Nightcrawler and Cyclops dirty looks as they high-five one another.

Lance "saving" Kitty

The next session is outside again. X-Kids are lined up in the pool playing drowning victims. The New Mutants are supposed to save them. Wolfsbane goes after Nightcrawler, Iceman rescues Spyke, and Cannonball dives in after Shadowcat. Avalanche is assigned to Rogue. He throws out a lifesaver but it hits Rogue in the head and she goes underwater. Avalanche dives in and catches up to Cannonball. He hits Cannonball (and due to the way Cannonball's powers work), and Sam is "cannonballed" out of the water.

Avalanche resurfaces near Shadowcat and she starts giggling while he "saves" her. Cyclops helps Rogue out of the pool as Cannonball comes to a crash landing. Cyclops yells at Avalanche, telling him that he's saved the wrong victim and that he just drowned two people. Avalanche climbs out of the pool with Shadowcat in his arms looking very proud. He says "Yeah, but look who I rescued!" Rogue stomps past them looking very wet and very angry. She calls Avalanche a creep and pushes him along with Shadowcat back into the pool.

The Brotherhood confronts Lance about his decision about joining the X-Men.

Next day as the New Recruits are all loading up to head off to school, Lance tells Scott "nice car." Scott turns to look at his car and realizes that it's been trashed. He gets totally POed as Lance and the NMs drive off. At school. the NMs tell Lance see ya later. As he's headed down the hallway, he's ambushed by The Brotherhood. Fred slams him into the lockers and they ask where he's been. Tabitha says that they've heard he's been living with the "geek squad". When Lance doesn't deny it, Todd tells him that Mystique is going to "hand you your left arm" when she gets back. Lance tells them that the Brotherhood is finished and Mystique is never coming back. Pietro asks him if he's actually becoming an X-Man and Lance says "What if I am?". The BH come down on him and Lance pushes Todd out of the way and starts to walk off. Tabby calls after him and tells him that the X-Men are never going to accept him. Lance walks away looking pretty depressed.

That night at the Institute, Lance wanders into the hall yawning. He seems to be headed for the bathroom when he sees some of the NMs (Jubilee, Cannonball, Iceman and Multiple) sneaking down the hallway. He follows them. In the kitchen, Kitty is studying and making herself a snack. One of the NMs rush past the door and startles her. She asks if anyone's there, but when no one answers she goes back to her snack. She has to climb under the table to get her pencil and while she's under there, the other NMs run past. She phases her head through the top of the table, right over a plate. Lance walks past the kitchen door, then does a double take. When he sees Kit's head on the plate, he passes out.

The New Mutants try to get Lance to go on another "joyride".

The NMs take out the X-Van and wreak general havoc. Early the next morning, Xavier calls out to all the New Mutants for a training session. Wolverine gives a lecture on the jet, then they head out to the garage to drive the X-van. When they get there the van is a wreck. Wolverine asks what happened to the van and Cyclops immediately points a finger at Avalanche.

That night, Jubilee, Sam, and Bobby tell Jamie that he can't go out with them and send Jamie back to bed, then go into Lance's room and ask him along on a "joyride". Jubilee tells him that he's going to get the blame anyway. Lance tells them to forget it, that they've already gotten him in enough trouble. He pulls the blanket over his head and tells them to leave them alone. Bobby says it's his loss, that they're taking something bigger and faster. NMs head out to the hangar and the Blackbird.

Kitty and Lance watch the NM take off with the X-Jet.

Lance sits up in his bed suddenly realizing that they mean the jet. He knocks on Kitty's door and when she answers he grabs her arm and takes off. They get to the hangar too late, the NMs are already taking off. The jet rolls beneath the walkway that they're standing on. Lance climbs under the handrail and grabs Kitty's hand. She asks him what he's doing, but he just tells her to start phasing as he jumps. They phase into the Blackbird but are thrown around as Bobby bounces it off of the walls.

They finally are able to take off and fly through the buildings and then up. Jubilee opens the top hatch and shows off by throwing fireworks into the sky. Kitty and Lance are trying to get into the cockpit, but Bobby pushes the jet wide open and they're thrown to the floor again. Kitty says that they're in big trouble. She takes Lance's hand and they phase into the cockpit together. She startles Jubilee and one of her fireworks hits the jet's controls. Bobby tells them that he's lost thrust control. Kitty tries to radio the Xavier Institute, but the radio has been fried too.

Joyride- Lance uses powers.jpg

They're intercepted by a couple of air force jets. Lance tries to find the P.A. to let them know that they're friendly. Instead, he sends out a couple of missiles. The jets aren't hit, but they think that the Blackbird is hostile, and return fire. Jubilee climbs out of the hatch and launches some more fireworks. The heat seeking missiles follow them instead and explode mid-air. Sam does some work on the controls and is able to cut propulsion. The jet goes into a free fall and Lance gets sick.

Bobby hangs out of the hatch and creates an ice ramp that scoops the jet back into the air. They're able to restart the engines, but more air force jets have arrived. Bobby flies into some caverns/cliff walls to try to lose them, but more missiles are fired. Lance is able to quake the cliff walls and the jets are forced to pull up. But Bobby still isn't able to dodge the missiles.

Kitty tells them that she thinks she can lose them. She tells Bobby to fly straight into a mesa. Bobby starts to argue but she yells at him to just do it. She grabs a hold of the jet and is able to phase the entire Blackbird. They pass safely through the mesa just as the missiles close in on them. The missiles explode on the mesa and the pilots don't believe what they've seen. They call off the chase. Kitty collapses from the strain and Lance catches her. They smile at each other as the NMs are amazed that she was able to do it.

Lance and Scott face off again.

The next day, Scott accuses Lance of causing the damage to the jet. Kitty tries to step in and defend Lance, but he pulls her back and says that he did it. Just then Bobby admits that Lance is innocent and that they are the ones who really did it. They also admit to trashing the van, Scott's car and Logan's motorcycle; Logan asks "My motorcycle?" and Jubilee replies with "Just kidding" before she, Bobby and Sam laugh a little. Xavier tells them that there was no official mention of the incident. Kurt comes strolling in, saying that all he has to do to finish off his probation is wax the Blackbird. He sees the jet and drops his wax, saying that it's going to take a lot of wax. Xavier tells Kurt that he's officially off probation and Kurt takes off like the proverbial bat. He puts the NMs on probation, and tells them they can start by cleaning up the Blackbird.

Lance touches his cheek where Kitty kissed him.

Scott tries to lamely apologize to Lance, but Lance slaps away his hand and tells him to forget it. Xavier tries to apologize too, but Lance tells them that he's leaving. Kitty pleads him to stay, but he says that the X-Men are way too high maintenance and that he's going back to live with the Brotherhood. Kitty looks very upset as Xavier tells him that he's always welcome back if he ever changes his mind. As Lance starts to walk away, Kitty runs to catch up with him. She kisses him, then rushes back. Lance puts his hand to his cheek where she kissed him and smiles. As Lance leaves, Kitty stands back and looks pretty heartbroken.

  • Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side- Lance startled.png

At The Brotherhood house, Tabitha blasts down the bathroom door. Toad peaks out from behind the shower curtains, complaining about not getting any privacy during his one shower a month. She uses his mouthwash and then throws a bomb in the shower with him, blasting out water and all. On the stairs she tells Blob that his mohawk is outdated, then she proceeds to steels Lance's jeep and heads off to school.

Back at the Brotherhood house, Tab busts in on Toad in the bathroom again. He tells her he's going to buy her some mouthwash. The Blob catches her on the stairs and yells at her for shaving his head during the night. She heads downstairs and steals Lance's jeep again (even though he took the time to chain it down this time).

  • Mindbender

Lance gets an early Saturday morning visit from Kitty. However only to be asked if he or his friends have seen Jean. Lance gets insulted by this, wondering if she was accusing him, Lance rumbles the house. Kitty quickly leaves angry at him.

Kitty and Lance were talking on the phone until 1:30 am. Later that day at school, Kitty catches up with Lance in the hall at the water fountain. She tells him that she had fun talking to him last night. The two share a somewhat awkward moment as Lance's playing hard to get though and tells her "Yeah, see you around". Kitty stops him and shyly asks if he'll go to the dance with her. He tells her that he'll have to think about it. Kitty is obviously disappointed and embarrassed as she tells him that she understands and to let her know. She turns and starts to walk away, but Lance stops her before she gets very far and tells her that he thought about it and the answer is yes. Kitty smiles and walks away. Lance smiles and says "Alright!"; and in celebration, accidentally causes a small earthquake. Kitty looks back and Lance smiles sheepishly.

Later at The Brotherhood House, the gang is giving Lance a hard time about going to the dance with Kitty. Fred says that he wouldn't be caught dead at that stupid dance, and Tabitha tells him that it's a shame cause she was going to ask him. Tabitha, Todd, and Fred all decide to go together and Pietro calls them all pathetic. Tabitha asks if he thinks he's too good for her and he tells her he could keep four girls busy dancing at the same time. Tabitha then says that they all should go to the dance. Now everyone is excited about going, and Lance just sits back and smiles to himself.

Lance and Kitty at the Sadie Hawkins Dance

In the gym, Lance and Kitty are enjoying themselves when the rift opens up between them. Two creatures emerge and the rest of the students run for it. One creature goes for Kitty, but it passes through her. It gets back up and makes its way to Scott and Taryn. Another one comes at them and Lance stops it by ripping up the ground around it.

As a creature is closing in on Rogue, the others including Jean, Scott, Evan, Kitty, and Lance arrive with Forge as he blasts it with the ray gun that trapped Nightcrawler during "Middleverse". They head off to search for any other demons and find Fred, Tabitha, and Todd. Fred is literally sitting on the demon that attacked them. Forge blasts it back too. The X-Men head off looking for more demons, as the Brotherhood stand behind and watch them leave.

  • Hex Factor

Pietro asks where Mystique has been.

At The Brotherhood Boarding House, Mystique enters. All of the boys are surprised she has returned, Todd asks if it's really Mystique as she grabs and throws Todd against a wall. She is angry that the boys have destroyed her house and yells at the boys, telling them that they need to grow some backbones. Mystique points out that they haven't defeated the X-Men that they have out-shined the Brotherhood on every level. Mystique jumps all over Lance for trying to join the X-Men. Tabitha shows up and interrupts the tirade and Mystique tells Tabitha that she's in charge and the first rule is to get out of her room.

Hex Factor 19 Lance.png

Tabitha is about to give Mystique one of her little bombs, but the boys step in. Pietro tells her that it's not a good idea as he snatches it away and passes down to Fred. Fred hands it to Todd, picks him up and flings him into the next room where he explodes. The boys look at her quite guilty. Tabitha looks hurt for a minute, then turns around to pack, saying that she was tired of living there anyway. Mystique comments that Tabitha learns quickly, unlike the boys. Pietro asks where she has been all this time. She does not tell him but declares that the X-Men are about to get knocked down a peg. Mystique tells the boys that they have a new secret weapon and then she brings in Wanda. Pietro recognizes her as his twin sister and Wanda freaks out, using her powers to turn everything around her into a weapon. The boys run as she starts to bring the house down on their heads. They huddle behind a couch as things are thrown about the room. Toad asks Pietro if it's one of his old girlfriends, but Pietro says it's worse, it's his sister. Lance and Todd try to stop Wanda, but she turns their powers back on them. An elderly woman finally arrives and takes control of Wanda, calming her down again and leaving the room with her. Mystique identifies the woman as Agatha Harkness.

Pietro tries to tell Mystique that she's crazy for bringing Wanda here as her powers are too dangerous to have around. Mystique tells him that she brought along Agatha to help Wanda learn to focus her anger into power. He tells her that she won't co-operate. Mystique tells them that she got all of the info she needs downloaded from Cerebro (during "Fun and Games") and that Wanda will cooperate because Mystique can give her what she really wants, revenge. Tabitha interrupts again, this time on the way out of the house with her stuff, claiming that there's too many women in one house. She tells Mystique that the room is all hers. As Tabitha walks away from the Brotherhood house, there is a huge explosion in Mystique's room and she smiles.

Lance tries to convince Kitty to leave, as he doesn't want her hurt.

Later that night, the X-Men take off to confront the Brotherhood at the mall. Before the Scarlet Witch can make her appearance, Avalanche finds Shadowcat, and pleads with her to leave, as he knows what is coming. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. But Shadowcat hears that Spyke's in trouble and she tells Lance to get out off her way. But Avalanche blocks her path, still pleading her to leave. Shadowcat is further upset with him for thinking she would leave her teammates like that, and phases through him to go help Spyke.

Hex Factor 32 Avalanche.png

Meanwhile, the X-Men do the usual routine of kicking some Brotherhood butt. The X-Men have just about finished the Brotherhood when Wanda shows up. The place starts going haywire and the X-Men are scattered. As each of the X-men try to take on Wanda, their powers turn against them. Spyke is hit by his own spikes, Cyclops' blasts go out of control, Shadowcat gets trapped halfway in phasing through the floor. Nightcrawler teleports her free, but the two of them are dumped into some trees outside. Jean talks Cyclops into retreating, telling him that Wanda is too strong, they can't beat her.

As the X-Men retreat, the Brotherhood celebrate their victory. Toad says they owe it to their secret weapon, the Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver puts his arm around her as he tells her that if their father could see her now, he would be proud. Scarlet Witch knocks his arm away and says that Magneto's his father, not hers and that she'll have her revenge for what he did to her as she walks away from the Brotherhood.

Season 3

When mutants were revealed to the public, Alvers showed his true side by trying to get the X-Men kicked out of school. Accused of being a thug by Kitty, he felt that nothing he ever did was going to be good enough for her, so he essentially stopped trying.

  • Day of Recovery

Day of Recovery - 3.png

Scott and Mystique face off, both mad. Jean tries to probe Mystique's mind to find where the Professor is, but somehow Mystique's able to block it. Scott threatens her and Mystique tells him that if he ever wants to see Xavier again, then he'll back off. Their group is interrupted by sirens and suddenly they are all surrounded by police cars and helicopters are everywhere.

Everyone scatters. The Brotherhood take off in another direction and Wanda covers their escape.

At the lookout, the X-men regroup, but they aren't together long before the Brotherhood show up as well. Mystique tells them that she had nothing to do with Magneto's plan to expose them, but that the public response proves that Xavier was wrong and that humans and mutants will never be able to exist together. Jean bursts in and asks her why she's there, what she wants. Mystique says that she wants her team member back from the military, but she doesn't know where to start looking.

Nick Fury shows up and says that he knows where to start. Mystique wanting to prove her Dominic snaps her fingers as the Brotherhood move in closer to Furry. In turn, Fury snaps his won fingers and everyone is immediately surrounded by his men, 20+. He snaps his hi fingers again, and they all stand down. Fury hands over a disc with information about where the others are being held. When they ask him why he's helping them he says he has his reasons, but that he can't get involved officially. Fury and his troops disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Storm tells the X-Men that they'll split up in groups, but before she's done speaking Mystique snatches the disc from her hand and says that she's in charge. Storm is furious, the sky darkens and lightning starts flashing everywhere. Mystique tells her to back off and Jean interrupts to remind Storm that Mystique is still holding the Prof somewhere. Storm calms down and Mystique starts barking out orders.

Day of Recovery - 21 iceman w avalance.png

Nightcrawler, & Avalanche, stay back somewhere while Jean boosts the Velocity Jet, that was under custody and the rest of them head off to the coordinates that Fury gave them

In Area 51, Mystique shuts down the fence sensors and the others break in too. Storm is standing by in the Velocity for pick up.

Once inside Area 51 the others split up. Bobby and Kitty make their way to shut down the alarms. Something happens and the Security System go off anyway. Suddenly troops are everywhere. Mystique tells Jean, Cyclopes, and Avalanche to keep them back while she goes off with Nightcrawler to find the prisoners.

Day of Recovery - 35 avalance.png

When more troops start closing on them, Mystique tells Lance to bury them. He brings down the ceiling and would have crushed the men to death if Jean hadn't saved them at the last minute with her TK. Security seals all exits, but they find Iceman & Shadowcat who are able to find a hatch that leads to the roof. Avalanche goes after Cyclops, but Jean stops them and tells them there's no time they have to leave now.

Later at the Brotherhood house, Todd sneaks in because police are watching the house. When he gets back to the others Lance is mad because he was supposed to get clothes for all of them, but he only got Wanda's.

  • Mainstream

Mainstream - 26 lance.png

At The Brotherhood house, Todd and Fred are heckling Lance because Kitty won't talk to him anymore. Principle Kelly shows up to invite the boys back to school. At first they don't want to go, but Kelly drops some not too subtle hints that they'd have the run of the school if they came back. So they decide to return.

The Brotherhood show up at school and start terrorizing the normal kids, Lance makes an example out of Andrew Black when he bumped into him.

Lance hurt by Kitty's words

The Brotherhood and Duncan team up and start a fight with the other X-kids in the parking lot outside. Scott tells the others that they are not to use their power, no matter what. So the X-kids take a beating and do their best to get out of harm's way. Lance starts to bring down the entire auditorium.

Everyone rushes outside and Kelly tries to turn the board members by saying that the mutants are all out of control. That they can't be allowed back to school. Xavier says that his students are showing remarkable control, even against the overwhelming urge to use their powers.

The Brotherhood steps it up a notch and the X-Men are finally forced to use their powers to save the innocent bystanders. Kurt finally steps in to help and when the X-Men regroup the Brotherhood runs off. The X-Men stand in front of the auditorium and look sadly at the destroyed parking lot.

Season 4

Lance saves an old lady

In No Good Deed Lance saves an old lady from a train crash after Wanda causes it to de-rail because of her brother's comment about their father (who at the time, had been 'killed' by Apocalypse). The rest of the Brotherhood scatter, trying to save themselves, but Lance, either from his experience with the X-Men or just that he himself is a better guy, stopped to take note of what was happening and saved an older woman who was unable to stand get off the train of panics people. Later the boys try to take advantage of their new fame, Wanda and Lance are both against it but, eventually to go along for the ride.

A couple months later when dealing with Apocalypse Lance it down for helping the X-Men and get the rest of the boys involved. Even after a huge loss and four missing mutant adults, Lance convinced the rest of the boys to steal a jet and they make their way to Mexico. When the fight was over, Lance and Kitty left together. They stayed close even when they were back in New York.

The Future

Future Avalanche

When Charles Xavier was under Apocalypse's control, he was able to scan the mind of Apocalypse. In The Future, Xavier saw adult versions of the Brotherhood including Avalanche becoming members of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Freedom Force. He's shown to be wearing a dark blue sleeveless bodysuit with red striping. His muscular arms were exposed, but his forearms were covered by special forearm guards with two-piece elbow plates and black gloves with his fingers bare. He also wears simple grey shoulder pads, stylized shinguard's that mimicked the design on his forearms with two-piece knee pads, a grey belt and matching grey combat boots. And in place of his old helmet, Avalanche wears a wide, clear visor over his face. Avalanche is shown to be more muscular and has longer hair reaching to about his shoulders with a small patch of facial hair on his chin. Lance would've continued his romantic relationship with Shadowcat and are believe to still be together in the future.



  • In the Marvel Comics, Avalanche's name is Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis.
  • The character of Avalanche as portrayed in the X-Men Evolution animated series appears to be an amalgam of the characters of Avalanche and Rictor in the mainstream comic. While bearing the codename "Avalanche" and a similar costume to the comic villain, the character named "Lance Alvers", physically resembles Rictor from the comic books and channels his powers in the same way. Alvers is also a much less willing villain, at one point even joining the X-Men. Alvers' ethnicity is never clearly defined in the series, although his skin color is slightly darker than much of the main cast. Much like Kurt Wagner's name was mispronounced on the show, some fans have speculated that his surname may be a corrupted form of Alveres or Alverez.
  • Specific to this universe, Lance has a relationship with Kitty Pryde.
  • Lance is the only teen member of the Brotherhood to own a vehicle.


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