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Ascension I
Season Four, Episode 8
Accention I.png
Air date October 18, 2003
Written by Greg Johnson
Boyd Kirkland
Craig Kyle
Directed by Doug Murphy
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Ghost of a Chance


Ascension II
"You are too late. Evolution is upon us, and there's nothing you can do to stop it!"


Apocalypse plans to turn all humans with the dormant X-gene into mutants. He has turned Magneto, Professor X, Storm, and Mystique into his Four Horsemen, and has covered the world with a network of energy pyramids to stage his plan.


When a new Sphere appears in Egypt, Professor X wants to try to communicate with Apocalypse, taking Storm with him. With Cerebro technology, the rest of the group watches as Apocalypse telepathically communicates his plan to awaken the dormant X-gene in all humans, a process which will kill most 'normal' humans. Xavier tells Apocalypse that this isn't necessary, which only angers Apocalypse. Storm comes to his defense but instead, sends them both away in the same way Magneto was. The X-Men are mortified and are soon joined by Nick Fury who announces the restart of The Sentinel Program. Apocalypse is confronted by three sentinels at the Sphynx, which act as decoys while more sentinels are sent to use their superior technology to disable the three spheres. Apocalypse defeats the sentinels, but sends out Four Horsemen under his control to protect them - Magneto in Mexico, Storm in China, Xavier in Egypt, and Mystique at the Sphynx. The X-Men split into four groups to fight Four Horsemen of Apocalypse around the world, while Rogue is sent on a 'special mission'.


Mesmero: Evolution is upon us, and there's nothing you can do to stop it!

Charles Xavier: I am Charles Xavier.
Apocalypse: I know who you are.
Charles Xavier: Then you know I've merely come to talk. To discuss what you are planning and...
Apocalypse: I have planned nothing. I am but an instrument of destiny.
Charles Xavier: But it's a destiny of destruction.
Apocalypse: The future came to me in that craft. I have embraced it and merged with its technology, so that I may lead the evolution of the human race.
Charles Xavier: The human race does not need your help!
Apocalypse: Since when has mankind ever known what it needs?
Charles Xavier: You have to know that somehow you will be stopped!
Apocalypse: What I know is... it will not be by you!

Nightcrawler: What happened to them?
Wolverine: They're...alive?

Lance Alvers: Forget it!
Kitty Pryde: Come on Lance! At least ask the others.
Lance Alvers: Hey! You guys feel like going to Mexico and fighting Magneto?



  • Professor X wields what appears to be a psionic scythe while battling the X-Men as a Horses of Apocalypse demonstrating powers similar to that of Psylocke.


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