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{{Icons|Character|Female|Human|Bayville High School|Couples}}
{{Icons|Character|Female|Human|Bayville High School|Couples}}
| image= Amandaa.png
| image= XME-Amanda_Sefton.png
| name= Amanda
| name= Amanda
| real name= Amanda Sefton
| real name= Amanda Sefton
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| relatives= [[Mom & Dad#Amanda Sefton|Mom & Dad]]
| relatives= [[Mom & Dad#Amanda Sefton|Mom & Dad]]
| affiliates= [[Bayville High School]]
| affiliates= [[Bayville High School]]
<br/> [[Kurt & Amanda|'''Kanda''']]
<br/> [[Kurt & Amanda|'''Kurmanda''']]
| interests= [[Nightcrawler|Kurt Wagner]]
| interests= [[Nightcrawler|Kurt Wagner]]
| gender= Female
| gender= Female

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Character Female Human Bayville High School Couples
XME-Amanda Sefton
Biographical Information
Real Name: Amanda Sefton
Alias: Liebchen
(German for Sweetheart)
Age: 16-17
Species: Human
Relatives: Mom & Dad
Affiliations: Bayville High School


Interests: Kurt Wagner
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Character Information
Powers: None
First appearance: Shadow Dance
Portrayed by: Moneca Stori

"Did you know blue is my favorite colour? "
Amanda to Kurt


Amanda is sweet, kind, and gentle person. She is a shy person but tends to come out of her shell when she is around people she knows, and/or around Kurt. She is very open-minded and peaceful.

Physical appearance

Amanda is shown to be a african-american girl with long brown hair, wearing a black shirt, orange pants and dark-brown sandals.

Early life

Season 2

  • Shadow Dance

Amanda Begging Kurt to save them!

Amanda and Kurt both agree to go the the Sadie Hawkins Dance Kurt is acting a little weird, and tells her he got a rash so has to wear white gloves. Later they get attacked by a giants red dinosaur, Amanda begs Kurt to teleport them to safely, when he doesn't oblige she confesses she already know he's a mutant, and he ports them both away in time.

Outside they talk, and Amanda tells him when she first found out. She them tells him blue is her favourite colour. As they walk away, Kurt ports them away.

  • Day of Reckoning II
Day of Reckoning II - 45 amanda

Amanda is watch TV when her show is interrupted with images of monsters in New York City, with people she already knows, and Kurt in his mutant form.

The President makes a public announcement to "strongly advise you, above all, to stay calm."

Season 3

  • Mainstream
Kurt n Amanda

At school Kurt is trying really hard to hide the fact that he's a mutant. Amanda hugs him, asks him how he's holding up from everything, and he quickly rushes her around a corner, and away from other classmates. He confesses no one has made the connection that he is the Fuzzy one. Amanda questions him about abandoning his friends and she's not too happy about his choice. She asks him if he feels he is still hiding, and he doesn't answer.

Season 4



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